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Guidelines for SSKE Activity Request - Proposal Stage

April 9, 2015

Photo: World Bank

Step 1: Click on the link provided in the main Brazil SSKE webpage to request a new SSKE activity. Fill all required information and send proposal to Brazil CMU for clearance (by clicking “Submit”, request will be automatically sent to Brazil South-South team).

• If any Brazil Country Office (CO) assistance is needed, please request it in the form and supply the proper charging code.

• It is not responsibility of local staff/ACS to organize the mission agenda. They may assist with suggestions and contacts, but it is up to the SSKE requesting team to prepare the mission agenda, make all contacts, etc.

Step 2 - Consultations with Country Office (CO) Staff: After Brazil CMU receives, analyzes and clears the SSKE activity request (up to 10 business days), confirm that both technical and administrative staffs in Brazil CO are well aware of the activity to ensure that the foreign delegation is visiting the appropriate organizations/individuals and that “best practices and knowledge shared” are just that. Program Leaders (PL) and ACS in Brazil CMU, as well as Brazil South-South team, should know who is coming and when.

Step 3 - Informal preliminary notice to Government: In consultation with the relevant Brazil Country Office PL that will host the activity, notify the Brazilian Government (and agencies, institutions, etc.) well in advance informally to confirm they may accommodate the request. In case you don’t know possible governmental counterparts for the SSKE activity, please confirm with Brazil PL or Senior Specialists on possible contacts. 

Step 4 - 30 day formal notice to host Government: Formally notify the Brazilian Government (and all counterpart institutions that will take part in the activity) 30 days prior to arrival of the delegation. The letter to the Government must be cleared by relevant PLs in Brazil. Please keep Brazil CMU advised on other formal communications with the host Government.

• It is good practice to inform your country Embassy in Brasilia regarding your mission (including participating delegates from visiting country and ranking). They might help the mission indicating translators, logistics assistance, etc. Often, the Ambassador might want to meet the delegation, improving networking and relationships. The Embassy might also get in touch with their official contact at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to inform them on the mission. They might also help on the scheduling of the mission agenda (it is not guaranteed).

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