Guidelines for SSKE Activity Request - Planning Stage

March 26, 2015


For further assistance with Learning and Training in order to prepare a South-South Knowledge Exchange, we recommend LLI’s “The Art of Knowledge Exchange eLearning”. Just type http://southsouth in your browser (WB internal link), and chose “Learning and Training” from the options Menu.

Before the actual South-South Knowledge Exchange (SSKE) initiation, the following questions may serve as an overall guideline for the essential content to be covered in the proposal for the activity:

1.    What is the overall country/demand-driven development goal or program(s) to which this SSKE activity will be linked, and to what extent is this a priority? Is there a clear evidence of commitment to the development goals from the knowledge requesting country(ies) and the participating organizations? (The development goal statement should clearly articulate economic and/or social benefits).

2.    Does the proposal have a clear and specific capacity development objective for each knowledge receiving country? Are the intermediate capacity outcomes directly linked to progress of the overall capacity development objective(s), i.e. what are some of the key capacity challenges you would hope to address with this proposed/requested SSKE activity? (In the proposal, provide a brief description of the key capacity areas targeted for improvement and their link to the development goal[s]).

3.    Are the participants well targeted? The target participant group is positioned to play an active role in either influencing or bringing about the desired reforms in their respective countries to support achievement of the development goal.

4.    Is the activity design likely to achieve objective(s)? Is the knowledge providing country(ies) well-positioned to provide the knowledge and experience for the recipient country(ies) to achieve their capacity development objectives? Is the design of the activity likely to accomplish the stated outcomes with an efficient use of the resources?

5.    Are the activities likely to achieve longer term impact? This could be illustrated through ongoing support from World Bank operations.

6.    What is the anticipated or ideal time frame for this proposed/requested knowledge exchange?

7.    Will the activity require a SSKE Grant (Trust Fund) from the South-South Facility? If so, please go to: http://southsouth ► Financing Facility ► Apply (this is an internal WB link).

  • Please note that the financial request at the SS Facility and SSKE activity application for Brazil CMU are two different processes. You will need to conclude this request and obtain Brazil Country Director’s clearance before initiating your request to the South-South Facility.
  • TIP: Many of the fields requested at the Idea Brief for the Fund Request at the South-South Facility are similar to the Brazil CMU activity request, so you may just copy/paste the information from one field to another.
  • With these questions well answered and structured, the chance of having a successful SSKE activity is much higher.

After some careful thinking and planning, the team may request the SSKE activity using the following steps:

- Proposal stage

- Mission Preparation stage

- Evaluation stage