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Guidelines for SSKE Activity Request - Mission Preparation Stage

April 13, 2015

Photo: World Bank

Step 1 - Logistics and other mission preparation issues: 

• Obtain Country Clearance for Bank Staff

Once you submit your Travel Request, an email from GSD will be automatically sent to you inbox prompting you to request Country Clearance by sending your missions dates, hotel and contact information to Brazil’s Country Clearance Officers: Silvana Hill (shill1@worldbank.org), Eudenice Moraes (emoraes@worldbank.org), Fabiola Vasconcelos (fvasconcelos@worldbank.org) and Juliana Brescianini (jbrescianini@worldbank.org). 

• Purchase Orders for hiring consultants in Brazil created if needed 

If local consultants, translators etc. need to be hired in Brazil, the SSKE requesting unit needs to create purchase orders (POs). In LCR for example, LCR country offices cannot create POs according to LCR regional guidelines.

• Logistics included in TOR organizing agency/ consultant/ACS staff time in Brazil 

Make sure the TOR for the organizing agency/consultant takes care of 100% of the logistics (catering, room reservations, air tickets, hotel reservations, transport, translation, access to internet) to avoid burdening local ACS (unless requested for specific country office assistance in the activity request form). This agency/ consultant should accompany the visiting mission to all their meetings and manage all logistics during the mission.

• Media and other dissemination activities

If someone is going to speak to the media or you plan to carry out any dissemination activities, ensure the Brazil CO communications specialists are involved, or at least well informed on the situation. Please contact Candyce Rocha (crocha@worldbank.org) or Juliana Braga (jbraga@worldbank.org), copying informacao@worldbank.org. 

• Visa and vaccination issues

Verify if any delegate of the visiting mission will require a VISA for entering Brazil, as well as vaccination (depending on where you go in Brazil).

If a Visa is required, please follow these instructions:

1. Access the link https://scedv-mre.serpro.gov.br (choose English option if you prefer) ; fill out the form, and send the number of inscription to Francisco Rodrigues (frodrigues@worldbank.org);

2. Send to Francisco a copy of your passport (you don’t need to send all pages, but the main pages with your data with photo and the expiration date); 

3. Inform Francisco on the Country and City that will request the Visa.

4. Inform date of arrival in Brazil, time to be here, and the reason of the visit (training,  mission, etc.);

5. Francisco will provide a formal Authorization Request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the official Visa (this will be signed by Brazil Country Director);

6. When the Immigration Division authorizes the Visa, you will have to go to the designated Brazilian Consulate with your documentation;  

7. The estimate period (between 2 – 3 days) for the visa to be ready depends on each country of origin Consulate (Which city are you applying to? This info is important in Francisco’s request)

8. For vaccinations, please check with WB Medical staff at local office of HQ.

Step 2 - Invitation to Program Leader/CMU for opening/closing activity

Verify with PL/SSKE Coordinator the most suited participation possible of the Brazil CMU/Relevant Sector in the SSKE Activity.

Step 3 - Participation in mission of TTL of requesting country

The TTL (or Co-TTL) from the visiting country should participate in the mission directly. When sending the SMO to Brazil CMU (12 days before mission), please inform all mission participants and agenda.

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