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Guidelines for SSKE Activity Request - Evaluation Stage

April 13, 2015

Photo: World Bank

Step 1 - External evaluation orientation: Prior/during the activity, TTL should instruct all delegation participants that an evaluation will be conducted and that every participant is encouraged to reply. It is important to remember that answers are only for statistical purposes and internal improvement reasons. A webpage address of the evaluation will be offered to the participant. Their response will automatically feed into the SSKE evaluation system.

Step 2 - External evaluation delivery and follow-up: As soon as SSKE activity ends, the evaluation survey (online link) will be sent to participants by Brazil CMU. TTL should encourage participants to reply, reminding that answers are anonymous. Brazil CMU will receive, analyze and share results of the external evaluation, observing general remarks made by participants. Evaluations are important in order to generate a database on best practices/lessons learned from the SSKE activity. 

Step 3 - TTL sends BTOR and results summary: It is good practice to report back to the Brazilian Government (and all activity participating institutions), as well as Brazil CMU. 

Step 4 - Thank you Letters should be sent (in Portuguese) to all institutions visited.

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