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Short Term Temporary (STT) and Short Term Consultant (STC) Visa & Employment


This page details the updated Visa policy requirement in accordance with U.S. laws.

Refer to the sections below for further information regarding:

For more information, visit the STT/STC FAQs page.

U.S. Visa Eligibility for ST Employment

World Bank Group employees (including interns) must have or obtain an appropriate visa and/or work authorization before undertaking any assignment for the Bank Group in the United States. In accordance with U.S. laws, if you are not a U.S. citizen, you are required to provide to HR Operations copies of relevant documents validating your eligibility to work in the United States (see table below).

Visa Type

Required Documents to Submit with Letter of Appointment (LOA)

Permanent Resident (PR)

Permanent Resident Card (front and back)

Pending PR

Pending PR Employment Authorization Card (Work Permit); or I-797 Approval Receipt; or I-551 Immigrant Visa

G-4 – Principal

G-4 visa

I-94 document ( )

G-4 – Dependent

G-4 visa

I-94 document (

Employment Authorization Card (Work Permit)

F-1 – Student
F-1 visa

I-94 document (

Valid Pre-Completion OPT or CPT Employment Authorization Card (Work Permit)

J-1 – Student/Exchange (non-fee contract only)


J-1 Visa

I-94 document (

DS-2019 SEVIS Entry Form

Copy of LOA of Non-Fee Contract

University letter of financial support and academic credit


A-1/A-2 – Dependent

A-1/A-2 visa

I-94 document (

Employment Authorization Card (Work Permit)

U.S. Asylum/Refugee/ Temporary Protective Status

Employment Authorization Card (Work Permit)


U.S. State Department G-4 Visa Policy Requirements

  • Staff on G-4 visas must reside in the metropolitan area (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia or sometimes in New York) of the organization where they will be serving. Telecommuting from locations outside of the D.C. metropolitan area is not permitted on G-4 visas.
  • G-4 visa holders may only work for the organization that sponsored their visa (ie WB STs with a G-4 visa are not permitted to work at another organization).
  • G-4 visa holders are expected to work a minimum of 35 hours per week (full-time) in HQ based offices and be registered with the State Department.                                                                                                     [NOTE: Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis].
  • When HQ based staff are re-assigned to locations outside of the U.S., they and their dependents are un-registered and must leave the U.S. within 30 days.
  • An active contract with the World Bank Group is required for a G-4 visa to be valid. This means your ability to reside in the US in G-4 visa status is directly linked to the duration of your contract not the expiration date of your G-4 visa. If you do not currently have an active contract or you have billed all your available days, you are required to leave the U.S. pending the start of a new contract or the addition of billable days.


STT/STC Work Schedules for G-4 Visa Principals


A work schedule is considered full-time if it requires a minimum of 35 hours per week for 90 calendar days (this is equal to 65 business days). The 35 hours per week can be achieved through a single or combination of several contracts.  The sum of all billed hours must be a minimum of 35 hours per week and reported before the end of each calendar month.

Note: If work program changes from full-time to Temporary Duty (TDY), ST staff must leave the U.S. and submit a new I-94 (record of entry) via MyHR Self-Service recording their most recent entry date to the United States.

Temporary Duty (TDY)

A work schedule is considered TDY if an ST works less than 35 hours per week or an individual works a minimum of 35 hours per week but the contract is for less than 90 calendar days (65 business days). A TDY G-4 Visa holder cannot reside in the U.S. for more than 90 consecutive calendar days.  Costs associated with travel for G-4 visa compliance, apart from official travel, are the responsibility of the ST.

Note: If a TDY work program becomes full-time within 90 days of last entry to the United States, the ST might not need to leave the U.S. to complete work schedule transition.

State Department Requireme​​nt


Documentation Required

 Full Time    TDY       

PID Registration - within 15 days of starting work



Copy of signed contract, passport bio page, G-4 visa, and most recent I-94 or Permanent Residence/EAC Card

Must leave the U.S. at least every 90 days


YesMost recent copy of I-94

Work a minimum number of days per month



ST Payment System

Able to return to U.S. to complete work program


YesMost recent copy of I-94
Grace period to leave the U.S. - 30 days upon completion of contractYesNoNot required

Note: U.S. Customs and Border Protection do not automatically issue an I-94 record of entry when entering the U.S. by vehicle from Canada or Mexico. Staff should request an I-94 at the border if crossing by vehicle. Review the I-94 website requirements for requesting an I-94 when crossing the U.S. border by vehicle; fees may apply.


F-1 Student Visa Policy Requirements

F-1 (student) visa under pre-completion curricular practical training (CPT) or optional practical training (OPT):   Work authorization must be received as endorsement from the designated school official (DSO) on the student’s immigration Form I-20. The student must also have an Employment Authorization Card (work permit) issued by the USCIS (Citizenship & Immigration Services).  An F-1 visa is not sufficient without this work authorization. F-1 students with work authorization are limited to part time work programs of less than 30 hours per week. Post-completion OPT work permit is not an available option for employment with the World Bank Group as full-time staff are required to obtain a G-4 visa for employment.  See the online checklist for applying for a G-4 visa at a US Embassy abroad prior to starting employment.


World Bank Group Reporting Requirements

ST staff must do the following:

  1. Within 15 days of start of contract, provide required information or documents as validation of visa compliance through myHR Self-Service (passport, visa, I-94, PR card, EAC, etc). Refer to Checklist for New STC /STTs in Headquarters for more information.
  2. Confirm work program through myHR Self-Service (available only on World Bank's intranet) within 5 days of start of contract:
    • Full-time: a minimum of 35 hours per week for 65 or more consecutive business days (90 calendar days).
    • TDY: a minimum of 35 hours per week but the contract is for less than 90 calendar days (65 business days).
  3. Submit billable hours for payment via ST Payment System on a monthly basis
    • Full-time: A minimum of 18 days for STC or 140 hours for STT by the 1st day of each month for the previous calendar month.
    • TDY: Bill all days worked by the 1st day of each month for the previous calendar month.
  4. TDY STs must depart the U.S. at least every 90 days and provide copies of I-94 record of entry through myHR Self-Service as validation of leaving the U.S.

Note: Failure to comply with the above could result in suspension of the ST contract with the Bank Group.


State Department Registration for Full Time STs

  • Personal Identification Number (PID) registration with the U.S. State Department enables STs to:
    • receive a letter used to apply for local driver’s licenses
    • apply for a work authorization cards for eligible dependents; and
    • renew G-4 visas inside the U.S.
  • Full-time: submit request through myHR Self-Service for PID registration within 15 days of starting work.  Note: PID registration is automatic for STs changing from TDY to Full-Time work programs.
  • TDY: not eligible for PID registration. Note: PID unregistration is automatic for STs changing from Full-Time to TDY work schedules.