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Obtain or Renew Driver's License Application



 This page provides information on obtaining a driver’s license for HQ staff, their families, and G5 domestic workers in:


  • Washington-based staff and dependents as follows:

o   G4 staff and their dependents, including ET

o   G4 short-term staff with more than 65 working days

o   G5 domestic employees

  • G4 dependents of staff based in non-family posts

First Time Application/Renewal

First time application:

  • Register with the U.S. State Department and obtain a PID number
  • Non-eligibility letter will be automatically generated to authorize your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to provide your driver’s license
  • Receive the non-eligibility letter within 4-6 weeks from the Office of Foreign Missions (OFM) via email from
  • Apply for the driver’s license at the local DMV within 90 days from the issuance of the non-eligibility letter
  • Refer to your local DMV website for a list of additional requirements:

o   District of Columbia

o   Maryland

o   Virginia

  • The driver’s license will be mailed to your residential address approximately 10 days from your application at the DMV
  • To facilitate future renewals, update your driver’s license expiration date via myHR Self-Service (available only on World Bank’s intranet) > Visa Services > Driver’s License > Update Driver License Expiration Date)


  • Obtain a new non-eligibility letter from OFM in one of the following ways:

o   Renewal letter automatically requested for the staff member by HR Operations to OFM based on the updated driver’s license expiration date in myHRSS. OFM will send the renewal letter to the principal G4 visa holder’s email address.

o   If the driver’s license expiration date has not been updated in myHRSS, staff will need to request the renewal letter 4-6 weeks prior to the expiration of the current driver’s license via myHR Self-Service (available only on World Bank’s intranet) > Visa Services > Driver’s License > Driver License Letter Request).

  • Submit the driver’s license application to a local DMV office along with all required documents
  • Staff should update the driver’s license expiration date in myHR Self-Service after receiving the new driver’s license.


  • Update the driver’s license expiration date in myHR Self-Service every time you receive a new driver’s license to enable HR Operations to initiate auto-renewal requests on your behalf
  • Always keep visa-related information and residential address updated in myHR Self-Service (available only on World Bank’s intranet):

o   Personal and Family > Personal Profile > Address Update

o   Visa Services > Other Visa Services > Visa Stamp Expiration Date Update

  • Inconsistent visa-related information results in denials and unnecessary processing delays
  • Driver’s license validity for G4 visa holders is one year, regardless of the contract duration and visa expiration date. Staff will need to repeat the driver’s license application process annually.
  • The non-eligibility letter must be used within 90 days from the date of issuance
  • OFM’s processing time to issue the non-eligibility letter is approximately 4-6 weeks for both new applications and for renewals (OFM does not provide expedited processing)
  • The DMV office may require additional verification. Applicants can check the status of their application via this website:
  • Driver’s license applicants must meet all fees at the DMV office personally
  • There may be additional requirements for G5 visa holders applying in Virginia
  • HR Operations submits manual driver’s license applications to OFM only once a week i.e. Friday morning
  • Renewal requests initiated by HR Operations on behalf of a staff member, will prompt an email notification to staff
  • Renewal requests initiated by staff via myHR Self-Service will prompt a confirmation number to be displayed upon submission
  • HR does not receive confirmation from OFM when a non-eligibility letter is issued. The letter is emailed directly to the staff member’s WBG email address. HR will ONLY be notified if a request for a non-eligibility letter is rejected due to inconsistent visa-related information.


Required at DMV Office