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Checklist for New STC/STTs in Headquarters


This checklist summarizes the important tasks that new staff must complete when they join the World Bank Group on a short-term consultant/temporary (STC/STT) appointment at headquarters.




Action by Staff


Review the Letter of Appointment (LOA) and read the following documents:
  • Administrative Manual Statements:
    The appointee must obtain a copy of Administrative Manual Statements from the administrator contact listed in the LOA


Electronically sign the Letter of Appointment (LOA).

By signing your LOA, you acknowledge that you have received, read, understood, and accepted the above documents.

If this appointment requires Employment Screening you will receive an email from the WBG screening vendor with the subject World Bank Group Background Verification Request for  [applicant name] to initiate your screening after the Letter of Appointment (LOA) is signed.


All STs must comply with the above. Failure to do so could result in the suspension of their ST contract with the Bank Group.


Review the medical insurance options for STC/STTs and the Limited Medical Expenses Program and also explore the health insurance plan offered by Kaiser Permanente. New hires are eligible to enroll within 30 days of hire date. In addition, they can enroll during open enrollment which is offered twice a year: (1) at the beginning of the World Bank's FY and (2) at the end of the calendar year to coincide with the broader health marketplaces. 


Complete the mandatory eLearning course, 'Overview of the WBG for ST staff' (available only on World Bank's intranet).

The course is a self-paced eLearning module for STT/STCs which will help you with onboarding and orientation to the Bank Group and acquiring the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become an effective member of the Bank Group. It also provides information related to policies surrounding the ST appointment.


Write to HR with copies of relevant documents to validate your eligibility to work in the U.S., if you are working in the Washington D.C.


If you are working on a G4 visa and your spouse is currently working in the U.S. with an H1B visa or any other non-immigrant visa with a work authorization, you must review the visa information in G00045 Notes for STC/STT Headquarters Appointments to understand the visa and work authorization implications for you and your family members.

For STs who are not U.S. Citizens:
In accordance with U.S. laws, if you are not a U.S. citizen, you are required to provide to HR Operations copies of relevant documents validating your eligibility to work in the U.S.

Temporary duty work schedules:
STs with contracts of less than 65 working days or who are working less than 35 hours a week cannot reside in the U.S. for more than 90 consecutive calendar days. They must leave the U.S. within 90 days from the date of entry in the U.S. and re-enter with a new I-94 to complete the remaining days in the contract. The STs must submit to HR Operations a copy of the new I-94 document as validation that they left the country.

Full-time work schedules:
For STs with contracts of more than 65 working days and who work a minimum of 35 hours a week, the Bank Group is mandated to register their employment with the State Department within 15 days of starting work.


Complete and sign F01604 Designation of Insurance Beneficiary for HQ Staff, to designate a beneficiary for payment of accrued salary and accidental death insurance. STC/STTs are covered under a special accidental death insurance only if on official and authorized Bank Group travel.

  • Select ‘Accrued Salary, Benefits and Allowances on Ending Employment’ and 'Bank-paid Accident Insurance’.
  • Refer to your LOA for your UPI number.

Without a beneficiary designation, the spouse is paid automatically for accrued salary or an approved accidental death claim. If the staff member has no spouse and has not designated a beneficiary, the insurance company will pay the estate.


Provide your emergency contact information in myHR Self-Service (available only on World Bank's intranet). If you do not have access to myHR Self-Service, provide your contact information (address, phone number, and personal email address) to HR Operations.

Important Guidelines/Links/References


After the start date of your contract, submit your bank account information through the ST Payment system. Once the bank account information has been updated, and prior to the expiration of your contract, you may request settlement of remuneration through the same portal.


If you do not have access to the Bank Group's network or a passkey to access the ST Payment system after the start date, contact the appropriate helpdesk listed under the administrative contact listed in your LOA.


Refer to Corporate Procurement’s Restrictions on current and former Bank Group staff and eligibility of Bank Group vendors. This is referred to as the cooling-off period.


For additional information on entering employment, refer to Staff Rule 4.01.


Update your intranet profile with information on your specialization and skills, once you have access to the World Bank Group intranet. SkillFinder allows managers and staff to search consultant profiles for staff expertise.


For any additional questions that you might have, contact your Task Team Lead (TTL) or contact/s indicated in your LOA.