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Remove a Member from the Medical Insurance Plan (MIP)


Summary: This checklist provides information to remove a member from the Medical Insurance Plan (MIP).

Reasons to Remove:

A covered family member should be removed from the Medical Insurance Plan (MIP) because of these reasons:

  • Child attaining age 26
  • Divorce
  • Dissolution of domestic partnership
  • Death of eligible family member
  • Voluntary removal in MIP enrollment
Factors to Be Noted: 
  • HR automatically ends MIP coverage for a covered child on the last day of the month of the child's 26th birthday. Special provisions may apply if the child is handicapped. For this, the child has to be evaluated by the medical insurance administrator at the time the child reaches the age of 25. Staff will need to Write to HR several weeks prior to the child's 25th birthday to obtain the appropriate underwriting forms that need to be completed by the child’s physician.
  • Submitting MIP claims for a non-eligible family member for medical plans is fraudulent. The Bank Group pursues such cases rigorously. Consequences of such an activity include loss of MIP coverage for you in perpetuity, financial restitution of the fraudulent claims, and even referral to the criminal justice authorities in your jurisdiction.
 Actions by Staff

Staff can report the life event, divorce or domestic partner dissolution via myHR Self Service (available only on World Bank's intranet).

Note: Refer to the Divorce or Domestic Partnership checklists.

02Write to HR in the case of death of an eligible family member.
03Staff can remove the dependents on voluntary basis through myHR Self Service (available only on World Bank's intranet).
04For child turning 26, you will receive a system-generated email confirming the automatic end of coverage and instructions to generate the continuation form from myHR Self-Service. If you do not have access to myHR Self-Service, Write to HR.
 Action by HR Operations
05HR will process the request and a system-generated email confirmation will be sent. Note: The request will be processed within three business days.
 Actions by Staff
06Staff can check the updated coverage status via myHR Self Service (available only on World Bank's intranet). and download the MBP/MIP Continuation for their eligible dependent(s) via myHR Self-Service > Insurance > MBP/MIP Continuation Form and if applicable, can send it to their dependent(s).
07The continuation form will also be emailed to the staff within one hour after they generate it in myHR Self Service (available only on World Bank's intranet).
08Complete and send the application form and payment following the instructions on the form, if required.
 Attention: An active staff member has 60 days from the 1st day of the month after the end of coverage date or the date of receipt of the confirmation email from HR, whichever is later, to download the continuation form from myHR Self-Service.