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Report Life Event - Divorce or Legal Separation


Staff must immediately report any life events or changes in household status within 60 days of the life event, even if the supporting documents are not immediately available. Staff must follow up with the outstanding information once it is available.

This checklist summarizes the steps involved in reporting a divorce or legal separation of a staff member from his/her spouse.




Action by Staff


Report the event through myHR Self-Service (available only on the World Bank’s intranet) within 60 days of the final divorce decree or date of issuance of legal separation by a court. 

Attach these documents along with the request:

  • Copy of the court document granting the divorce or legal separation. The legal separation document must be signed by the judge and must have the seal of the court on it.
  • English translation, if the documents are not in English.

If you do not have access to myHR Self-Service, complete and submit with the supporting documentation following the submission instructions on the form to HR Operations:


A legally-binding separation document, signed by the husband and wife and each spouse’s attorney, outlining the terms and conditions of a separation prior to divorce, does not qualify as a legal separation under the World Bank Group’s rules. Registration of separation agreements signed by both parties and their attorneys does not qualify as a court order.
If the name change is the result of a life event—such as a divorce staff should have a legible electronic copy of the court document granting the divorce.

Provide self-translated English translation of the documents, if original document is not in English.


Action by HR Operations


Review the request and the supporting documents and provide approval.


Action by Staff


Active staff: Check the updated coverage status via myHR Self Service (available only on the World Bank’s intranet)and generate the MBP/MIP Continuation for your eligible dependent(s) via myHR Self-Service > Insurance > MBP/MIP Continuation Form and if applicable, send it to your dependent(s).

The continuation form will also be emailed to you within one hour after you generate it in myHR Self-Service.


An active staff member has 60 days from the 1st day of the month after the end of coverage date or the date of receipt of the confirmation email from HR, whichever is later, to download the continuation form from myHR Self-Service.

Retirees: You will receive the MBP/MIP Continuation form for your eligible dependent(s) via a system-generated email, once the life event has been processed.


  • You may wish to re-evaluate your insurance beneficiaries. View your current beneficiary in myHR Self-Service (available only on the World Bank’s intranet). To update beneficiaries,

Active staff: Access myHR Self-Service (available only on the World Bank’s intranet)

Retirees: Complete F200054 Designation of Life Insurance Beneficiary for Retirees or Form F01603 Designation Of Insurance Beneficiary for CO Staff and Retirees.

  • Provide the email address of their former spouse in the event HR needs to contact them. 

Medical insurance coverage continues for a legally separated spouse during the legal separation period until official divorce. This holds true unless the spouse consents to end the coverage from a plan that covers her/him. Here are possible changes to the Medical Insurance Plan (MIP):

  • If applicable, coverage levels are reduced to account for the loss of coverage of the spouse, for example, dual to individual in the MIP. Dependents who lose medical insurance coverage due to divorce are eligible for MIP Continuation or MBP Continuation for up to three years. Applications for continuation must take place within 60 days of the effective date of loss of eligibility.
  • If you are currently on your spouse’s medical insurance, other than the MIP, and you lose coverage, you may enter the MIP within the deadline period without medical underwriting.
  • For Bank Group couples, the divorce will result in separate MIP coverage for each spouse.


Additional Information


A divorced spouse's dependent G visa expires on the date of divorce regardless of the date stamped on the G visa or I-94 form.

U.S. Citizen and Immigrant Services, through the State Department, allows a 30-day grace period for the staff member’s ex-spouse to take care of personal matters and depart from the U.S.


The Bank Group reports all terminating staff and principal’s household changes to the U.S. State Department electronically. If the ex-spouse:

  • remains in the U.S. longer without an appropriate visa, s/he is considered 'out of status'—an illegal immigrant.
  • leaves the U.S. within the grace period, s/he cannot re-enter the U.S. on that G visa.
  • intends to stay in the U.S., s/he must obtain an appropriate visa prior to the end of the G visa grace period.


Dependency allowance for a legally separated or divorced spouse ceases on the last day of the month following divorce or legal separation under an order of a court of competent jurisdiction, whichever is earlier.


Dependency allowance or medical insurance is not affected in the event of physical separation even if there is a temporary agreement on property and child custody issues between spouses and their lawyers outside of a court.


Active staff: HR will cancel a staff member's Optional Dependent Group Life Insurance if s/he does not have any children.

For the staff member’s Optional Life Insurance, if eligible, s/he may add one level of additional coverage if s/he is not at the maximum. If a staff member wishes to add more than one level of coverage, s/he must go through Late Enrollment for Optional Group Life Insurance within 60 days of the divorce.

View current Group Optional Life Insurance election in myHR Self-Service (available only on the World Bank’s intranet).


If a staff member has no dependent children, HR will lower his/her Optional Family Accident Insurance coverage to individual coverage upon divorce.


Staff may wish to change pension beneficiaries. View current pension beneficiary or change pension beneficiary in myHR Self-Service (available only on the World Bank’s intranet).


If applicable, for example, a U.S. citizen receiving a tax allowance, the staff member may update Form 70 (Tax Allowance Certificate) through myHR Self-Service (available only on the World Bank’s intranet).


The Bank Group’s information disclosure policy mandates that staff member's spouse should have full access to staff member's salary, benefits and pension information.


If applicable, return your spouse's Bank Group security ID to the ID unit.


Permanent residents and G4 visa holders should review the immigration law, as absence from the U.S. may affect their eligibility for resident status in the U.S.