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Life Event - Birth: Benefits Implications

Summary: This page describes the critical benefits implications for the “Birth” life event.

A staff member must inform HR Operations about this life event within 60 days of the life event, even if the supporting documents are not immediately available. However, the enrollment window is extended to the first year (for medical insurance enrollment only) from the life event date. Staff must follow up with the outstanding information once it is available.

If the birth is not reported within 60 days of the life event, the staff member will not be eligible to increase the supplemental life insurance and dependent life insurance enrollment, if applicable.

Life events and household status changes have the following critical benefits implications:

  • Dependency Allowance:

o   For headquarters (HQ)-based staff as defined in paragraph 3.01 Qualification for Allowance on Staff Rule 06.02 Dependency (Tax Equivalency) Allowances

o   For country office (CO) staff, each CO has different rules regarding eligibility for dependency allowance. The staff member must contact his/her CO administrator for details.

  • Medical Insurance and Benefits:

o   For HQ-based staff as defined in section 02. Enrollment in the Medical Insurance Plan on Staff Rule 06.12 Participation in the Medical Insurance Plan. Staff may also refer to Medical Insurance Plan (MIP) Enrollment.

o   For CO staff as defined in MBP - Enrollment procedures and Report Life Event - Birth.

  • Beneficiaries:
    The staff member must follow these steps to re-evaluate beneficiaries for pension, life, and accident insurance:

a.    View his/her current beneficiary forms.

b.    To change beneficiaries,

o   HQ-based staff must submit Form F01604 Designation of Insurance Beneficiary for HQ Staff

o   CO staff must submit Form F01603 Designation of Insurance Beneficiary for CO Staff

  • Optional Group Life Insurance:

o   For HQ-based and CO staff as defined in Optional Group Term Life Insurance.

  • Optional Dependent Group Life Insurance:

o   For HQ-based and CO staff as defined in Optional Dependent Group Life Insurance. If a child is the staff member’s first dependent—no spouse, domestic partner, or other dependent children—s/he has 60 days to enroll. If the staff member already has Optional Dependent Group Life Insurance, the child is automatically covered once s/he reaches the minimum age requirement.


In case of conflict between this guidance and the applicable staff rule, the staff rule prevails.