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For Appointee - Checklist for New Open, Term, or Special Assignment Staff in Headquarters


The checklist below summarizes the recruitment process for an open, term, or special assignment appointment at HQ. All the requested forms and documents should be returned electronically to the HR Talent Search unit.




Action by Staff


Submit the following documents to HR Talent Search unit:

  • Scanned copy of your original university diploma showing your highest and latest obtained degree (not mandatory, but helps accelerate the background clearance process)


Security clearance is required. However, a candidate may be hired and enter on duty prior to the completion of the pre-employment screening process. They must acknowledge that if the candidate is not cleared for employment following the screening, his/her employment will be terminated immediately, without any liability to the World Bank Group. See Staff Rule 04.01.


Receive email from your recruiter with the intended offer. In addition to reviewing offer details, review:


If your spouse/partner is currently working in the U.S. with an H1B visa or other non-immigrant visa with work authorization, it is important you review the Summary of Benefits guide to understand visa and work authorization implications.


Indicate, by return email to your recruiter and with a signed fax to +1 202-473-0901, whether the proposed terms are acceptable to you and your earliest availability date.

Once the offer is accepted, you will be contacted by HR Operations to discuss further details and proceed with issuing your Letter of Appointment (LOA).

  • Agree on the start date based on Getting Settled dates
  • If applicable, request G4 visa and travel and shipping arrangements


HR will send your LOA and relevant enclosures via email. Before signing it, you are required to read:

03.00 Office of Ethics and Business Conduct (EBC)

03.01 Standards of Professional Conduct

03.02 Employment Outside the Bank Group

03.03 Financial Interest and Disclosure

03.04 Bank Group Endorsed Activities with External Entities

03.06 Family Obligations - Spouse/Child Support Obligations and Divorce

  • Code of Ethics
  • If you are hired under a Special Assignment Appointment:

o   F00013 Registration/Emergency Contacts for Special Assignment Appointments

o   Conflict of Interest Guidelines for Global Secondment Program Participants

Note: By signing your LOA, you acknowledge that you have received, read, understood, and accepted the above documents.


Return your signed LOA to HR Operations at least three days prior to your start date, following the submission instructions on the letter.


Attend Getting Settled (note documents to bring on your first day!).


Become familiar with: