WBG Analyst Program FAQs

Can I apply for more than two recruitment streams? We will only consider your application for one recruitment stream. We ask that you consider what you would excel at so we can give adequate consideration to your strengths. Back to top

I have more than the required three years of experience. Should I apply? First, total the experience related to the recruitment streams/positions outlined and apply accordingly. We will not consider candidates who have: more than three years of professional experience or less than one year. Back to top

I applied last year, do I have to re-apply this year? Yes. The WBG Analyst Program is meant to be a yearly recruitment program. You would need to apply again this year as long as you still meet the eligibility criteria.

For those who have passed the assessment level, we will keep applications in consideration for approximately a year (up to next application process). Back to top

I have a Ph.D. Can I apply? Please check our eligibility criteria for the year considered. Ph.D. degrees are not being considered. Back to top

Will the positions be based in Washington, D.C. only?  We expect the majority of positions to be based in Washington, DC and we may have a few also based in Country Offices. The specific locations will be shared when candidates are invited for interviews. Back to top

I have a Master's degree plus three years of experience. Should I apply to the WBG Analyst Program or to the Young Professionals Program? Technically, you can apply to both programs. The minimum eligibility criteria for the World Bank Young Professionals Program is a Master's degree plus three years of relevant professional experience in one of the critical operations areas for the World Bank (or a Ph.D. with a relevant research study).

On average, though, Masters' degree holders who successfully joined the WB Young Professionals Program had an average of five years of relevant professional experience, thus bringing solid technical expertise in a specific area. Therefore, the WBG Analyst Program can provide a good alternative to be able to compete over time for officer-level jobs.

The development curriculum is very similar for both the WBG Analyst Program and the WBG Young Professionals Program. Back to top

What type of applicants are you looking for? We are looking for top talents, passionate about development, who: demonstrate learning agility and desire to learn and adapt, like to solve issues and collaborate across the organization to bring results with excellent analytical skills (including quantitative one), show research ability, have writing and presentation skills and, demonstrate an ability to get things done. Back to top

If I am a current staff member or consultant of the WBG, can I apply?
Yes, you can, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. Back to top

I have multiple names and use them differently on different documents. Does that matter? We request that you consistently use the same first name/last name and email address throughout the process. You can also use your applicant ID as an identifier (we will provide the applicant ID). Back to top

How will I know if I have successfully applied? When you apply, you will receive a confirmation email with an Applicant ID, keep this number in your records. Always keep a copy of your full application: CV, transcript of your highest diploma, statement of interest. Back to top

Why do you have an age limit?  Through this program, the World Bank Group (WBG) is aiming to bring the fresh perspective of recently graduated candidates. With an aging pyramid of ages, we strive to create an inclusive work environment where all perspectives are welcomed. Note that the World Bank Group as an international organization does not follow U.S. labor laws. Back to top

What if my email address is likely to change over the course of the year? Ensure that you include an email address that you are likely to keep for the next year or so. Back to top


How long is the process? Who shortlists? Who ranks the assessment?
From beginning to end, the process takes up to four months but can take longer depending on when the business needs are expressed. Once you have passed the behavioral assessment, you could be contacted any time until a new application process is launched. So, we will keep your application for at least a year.

The shortlist is done by Youth Programs team with the hiring department. The assessment is a computer-generated test based on the number of applicants. Back to top

How many WBG Analysts applied? How many were hired last year? In 2016, the second year of the WBG Analyst Program, we received over 14,000 applications over four recruitment streams (applicants were then allowed to apply up to two streams); 1,400 applicants passed the test and final filtering. The second cohort consists of 17 WBG Analysts. Back to top

How many WBG Analysts do you expect to hire this year? We do not have a set number but, depending on business needs, it is likely to be between 15 and 35 positions. Back to top

Do you have diversity quotas? The WBG do not have hiring quotas, but we aim to reflect the diversity of our clients. Women and Sub-Saharan African and Caribbean candidates are particularly encouraged to apply, though applications from all candidates are welcomed. Back to top

Is it mandatory to take the assessment? Yes it is. The online behavioral assessment is an integral, mandatory part of our selection process. 

Note that by applying to the WBG Analyst Program, you are agreeing that we provide, in accordance with WBG Staff Rules governing the release of personnel information to persons outside the World Bank Group (Staff Rule 2.01, 'Confidentiality of Personnel Information', par. 5.01 (i), your first name, last name and email address ["Contact Information"]) to our supplier, AON, to send you an invitation to complete your assessment.

We invite you to check AON's privacy and data protection policy as well as to stick to the specific rules laid out in our notification to you. Back to top

What is the rational for behind the assessment? Like many employers around the world, we use an assessment tool (on deductive reasoning) to help filter candidates on the most objective basis. This tool measures 10 behaviors best meeting our internal competencies for the relevant grade. Back to top

Can I take the assessment more than once? No, it is really important that you take it only once during the specific timeframe indicated. If you take it more than once, you are risking to be disqualified. Note however that you may be required to take this assessment again before the completion of your hiring. Back to top

What if I have a particular disability, how will you assist with the assessment? The World Bank Group values everyone's ability so we ensure inclusion is integrated into our culture. We respect differences regardless of nationality, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, and educational background. However, due to the assessments’ limitations, additional time to complete the assessment cannot be granted. Back to top

I did not make it to the Program, can I get some feedback? Feedback will only be provided to those who have interviewed and not been selected for the position. Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of applicants, we cannot provide individual feedback to the others. Back to top

Whom do I contact if I experience technical issues with the online behavioral assessment?
You can visit the AON Help Siteemail Help Desk, or email us. Back to top

How to best prepare for the assessment? You should set aside approximately 45 minutes to take this assessment and you will have the opportunity to practice each of the two tests before actually taking each of them. If you want, you can try free online deductive reasoning questionnaires online but this is not a prerequisite to take the test. Back to top


When will I be interviewed?  First, please take note that passing the assessment does not guarantee you an interview. Only candidates who match the business needs and selection criteria of hiring teams will be contacted for interviews/ further testing. The interview date is then set by the hiring department based on their needs/demand. Therefore, we cannot give you a date, just a timeframe, which is between May 2017 and January 2018. Back to top

Can I be interviewed from my country since I cannot take time off to travel? We have multiple ways to interview candidates such as Skype, Videoconference, World Bank offices worldwide and telephone. The interview date is set by the hiring department based on their needs/demand, thus we cannot give you a date, just a timeframe, which is between May 2017 and January 2018. Back to top

Which departments will be interviewing me? This information is not known at this stage and will be shared on a need basis to the relevant candidates considered for interviews. Back to top

Can I suggest the time/day of interview since I am working as an intern this Summer? The scheduling of interviews can be negotiated with the hiring department if/when they contact you. Back to top

I have another offer that is only valid for the next two weeks, can I ask to be interviewed now? Being interviewed depends on two factors: 
1) a hiring unit requesting candidates with your profile, and
2) selecting you, after reviewing your application and assessment results. Therefore, if you have not been contacted at this stage for interviews, we recommend that you go ahead with your other offer. Back to top

  • If I do not have my degree by September 2016, can I still be hired?


If I do not have my degree by September 2017, can I still be hired? Education requirements need to be met by December 31, 2017. Back to top


What are the benefits of applying to the WBG Analyst Program versus applying directly to another job posting at the same level?  The key benefit of applying to the WBG Analyst program is to participate in a three-year corporate development curriculum in a cohort format with peer Analysts at the World Bank Group.

In addition to the onboarding activities that you will be participating in like other new hires, you are: (i) meeting and discussing issues with WBG leaders, (ii) building further collaboration, leadership, integrative thinking and innovation skills through your peer coaching program, (iii) developing self-awareness and communication/influencing skills through leadership training, (iv) receiving the support of technical buddies and career mentors, and (v) planning your career through a development workshop and conversations with your managers, the Youth Programs Team and the network of your cohort. Back to top

What about my visa status as a student? Is this something I manage with the State Department as a student or with the World Bank Group? If you are selected by the World Bank Group for a position, our HR visa team will assist you in obtaining the necessary visa change/status. Back to top

Does the WBG provide relocation benefits for my move? The WBG will not provide relocation benefits as this position is subject to a local contract and, thus, not eligible. However, hiring departments can offer a cash allowance of up to US$10,000 for individuals and their dependents relocating from other locations/countries. Back to top

What will happen at the end of the two years as WBG Analysts? What are my options? At the end of your two-year contract, which coincides with the end of your development curriculum, there are several options: (i) If you had a successful track record of performance and are motivated to stay in the WBG, you can apply for a position in the World Bank Group either at the same grade level (analyst) or at an officer's grade level if you have a master's degree and meet the eligibility criteria. (ii) You can pursue your academic studies. (iii) You can consider other job opportunities outside the WBG. 

If you end up leaving the WBG, we hope that the experience you have gained in the WBG Analyst Program and the WBG will spark your interest to come back later as a mid-career professional with a more rounded academic background/experience.


Whom should I contact regarding online application and Program questions? You should first search for an answer on the How to Apply page or in the FAQs above. 

For program questions, send an email.

For program related questions, please review our webpages, given the volume of applicants it is not possible to respond to all queries. You are invited to join our Live Chat now scheduled for April 6, 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. (ET) / 13:00 - 15:00 (GMT), for more details concerning the program.

I have an updated email address, where can I send this new email address?
Please provide two email addresses that are likely to remain the same for the next year or so.

I have updated my CV/resume, where can I send this information?
You can provide this information to a hiring department, should they contact you for an interview.