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DAPP Event: The Impact of Linguistic & Cultural Displacement on Bilingual Children                

Parents want the best for their kids. The question is, what does ‘the best’ mean for children who grow up moving around, especially for those whose home or heritage language is different from the language used at school? Join us to talk about the linguistic and cultural displacement that can occur through global mobility and international schooling on children. Topics: What are the long-term impacts on a child’s sense of identity and self-worth? What sorts of conflict might arise in the parent-child relationship? How does the loss of home or heritage language(s) lead to disconnection in the family? How can parents best support their bilingual/bicultural child through this process? In this conversational webinar, the guests will share insights based on their research on ‘Third Culture Kids’ and personal experiences of growing up with international mobility and in multilingual families. (Webinar with Q&A – 60 minutes)

Hosted by: Malahat Baig-Amin & Elizabeth Legrain
Guest Speaker: Isabelle Min, Ruth Van Reken, and Danau Tanu

WED: 10/07/2020: 8:30 am Wash DC, 3:30 pm Nairobi, 6:00 pm Delhi, 7:30 pm Bangkok,11:30 pm Sydney

Video Available


Ruth Van Reken, Litt. D (hon), is co-author of Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds, 3rd ed. and co-founder of Families in Global Transition (FIGT). She is a second-generation adult Third Culture Kid (TCK) and raised her three now adult TCKs in Liberia. For over 35 years, Ruth has traveled nationally and internationally to help TCKs and their parents, educators, counselors, HR professionals, and others who work with them, understand the benefits and challenges of growing up while interacting with many often distinctively different cultural worlds.

Isabelle Min is the Founder & CEO of Transition Catalyst Korea (TCK) Institute. She combines her international upbringing with three decades of career as a national broadcaster (KBS), adjunct professor, intercultural trainer and certified coach to facilitate individual and organizational transformations. Isabelle speaks five languages and practices Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to support her work as a professional facilitator, conflict mediator and certified coach (ICF PCC). In 2010, she launched FIGT Korea Affiliate and TCK Network to connect and network with global nomads. In 2019 Isabelle co-founded TCKs of Asia as a forum where specific topics some TCKs face, such as the impact of language, can be more fully explored.

Danau Tanu, PhD, is the author of Growing Up in Transit: The Politics of Belonging at an International School. She is currently an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia and was recently awarded a Japan Foundation Fellowship to conduct postdoctoral research at Waseda University in 2021. Danau grew up internationally, speaking four languages at home. She is also the Co-Chair of the FIGT Research Network as well as the founder of the Indonesia Research Network and an editor of Inside Indonesia. She once worked for the World Bank as a consultant and is co-founder ofTCKs of Asia with Isabelle.