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Video Blog: Locust for Food and Feed Part II

World Bank Lead Economist Dorte Verner and Dr. Chrysantus Tanga, Research Scientist, International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) continue their discussion on how insects can be used for food, feed, and other purposes.
Swarms of locust are threatening the food security and livelihoods of millions of people in Africa and the Middle East.

Video Blog: Locust for Food and Feed (Part I)

The consumption of insects has been practiced in many communities and cultures across the globe for thousands of years.
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Biopesticides for Locust Management

With locust management operations fully underway, scientists are exploring innovative ways of curbing the spread of locust populations.

Desert Locust Video Blog Series: Impact and Management

The Desert Locust crisis is threatening the food supply and livelihoods of tens of millions, and without control measures, the Bank estimates that the potential damage and losses to crops, livestock and related assets.

Desert Locust Video Blog Series

The desert locust upsurge in East Africa and the Middle East has affected hundreds of thousands of hectares of farmland and rangelands across the region.