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BRIEF March 21, 2022

Forced Displacement and Social Cohesion

Forcibly displaced people, in green silhouette, walking

By mid-2021, an estimated 84 million people worldwide were forcibly displaced, including over 20 million refugees. Today, families and communities are being uprooted everywhere—from Yemen, to Ethiopia, to Venezuela, and now most recently, in Ukraine.

The growing number of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) is a global crisis that can exacerbate inequalities and conflict, especially when economic conditions are difficult. The World Bank is committed to working with the global community to support populations in overcoming the challenges stemming from forced displacement.

Read the recently released report.


VIDEO Apr 15, 2023

Forced Displacement: Inclusive Policies for Social Cohesion

Paula Rossiasco, Senior Social Development Specialist, unpacks the data on forced displacement and social cohesion in Latin America.