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Forced Displacement and Social Cohesion: New Evidence from Europe

December 15, 2022
Geneva, Switzerland

A discussion on how policies and investments can promote social cohesion in high income countries

December 15. This event featured findings from three studies looking at social cohesion outcomes in four European countries hosting forcibly displaced people (Switzerland, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia). The panelists presented the findings and discussed policy implications, including how they apply to Ukrainian refugees in Europe. The event provided a platform for policymakers, donors, and development practitioners to discuss topics such as:

  • The relationship between labor markets, displacement, and social cohesion
  • How relocation decisions and conflict exposure affect long term education and economic outcomes
  • Which policies and investments are necessary to promote short- and long-term cohesion

This event presentations focused on the following papers respectively:



  • December 15, 2022: Geneva, Switzerland
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