Finance & Private Sector Development

August 18, 2022

A well-functioning financial system and a vigorous private sector are important drivers of growth and poverty reduction. Finance is central to private sector development and vice versa, and large parts of both sub-disciplines revolve around the behavior and performance of firms.



The Long-Term Impact of High School Financial Education: Evidence from Brazil
Miriam Bruhn, Gabriel Garber, Sergio Koyama, Bilal Zia
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 10131, July 2022

How Binding Is Supervisory Guidance Evidence from the European Calendar Provisioning
Franco Fiordelisi, Gabriele Lattanzio, Davide S. Mare
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 10050, May 2022

Firm Resources, Strategies, and Survival and Growth during COVID-19: Evidence from Two-Wave Global Surveys
Sheng Fang, Chorching Goh, Shaomin Li, L. Colin Xu
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 9997, April 2022

Can Business Grants Mitigate a Crisis? Evidence from Youth Entrepreneurs in Kenya during COVID-19
Yanina Domenella, Julian C. Jamison, Abla Safir, Bilal Zia
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 9874, December 2021

More Working Papers


Mission and the Bottom Line: Performance Incentives in a Multigoal Organization
Xavier Gine, Ghazala Mansuri, Slesh Shrestha
Review of Economics and Statistics 104 (4): 748–763, July 2022

Aspirations and Financial Decisions: Experimental Evidence from the Philippines
David McKenzie, Aakash Mohpal, Dean Yang
Journal of Development Economics, vol. 156, May 2022 | Working Paper Version

Financial (Dis-)information: Evidence from a Multi-country Audit Study
Xavier Gine, Rafael Keenan Mazer
Journal of Public Economics vol. 208: 104618, April 2022 

Improving Business Practices and the Boundary of the Entrepreneur: A Randomized Experiment Comparing Training, Consulting, Insourcing, and Outsourcing
Stephen J. Anderson and David McKenzie
Journal of Political Economy vol. 130 (1), January 2022 | Working Paper Version

The Interplay of Policy and Institutions during COVID-19
Sheng Fang, Mike W. Peng, L. Colin Xu, Yuanyuan Yi
The International Trade Journal vol. 35 (6), September 2021 | Working Paper Version



World Development Report 2022: Finance for an Equitable Recovery
World Development Report 2022: Finance for an Equitable Recovery examines the central role of finance in the economic recovery from the pandemic. 

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The Global Findex Database 2021: Financial Inclusion, Digital Payments, and Resilience in the Age of COVID-19
The 2021 edition of the Global Findex Database contains updated indicators on access to and use of formal and informal financial services and digital payments, and offers insights into the behaviors that enable financial resilience.

The Global Findex Database 2021 |  Blog Post |  Video |  Press Release |  Download Report |  Executive Summary


World Development Report 2021: Data for Better Lives 
This report explores the tremendous potential of the changing data landscape to improve the lives of poor people, while also acknowledging its potential to open back doors that can harm individuals, businesses, and societies. 

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GFDR 2020 book and globe image

Global Financial Development Report 2019 / 2020: Bank Regulation and Supervision a Decade after the Global Financial Crisis
Drawing on 10 years of data and analysis, the 5th edition of the report reflects on the causes of the crisis and the regulatory remedies adopted to prevent future financial troubles.

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