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Office of the Chief Economist, South Asia Region

Recent Working Papers

The Office of the Chief Economist brings together knowledge and expertise across major sectors of development. We seek to produce and feature papers that provides sustainable and innovative solutions for the development challenges in South Asian countries. 


Climate Shocks and the Poor: A Review of the Literature
Margaret Triyana, Weicheng Jiang, Yurui Hu & Md Shah Naoaj


Election-induced fiscal policy cycles in emerging market and developing economies
Franziska Ohnsorge, Jakob De Haan & Shu Yu

What Explains Global Inflation
Franziska Ohnsorge, Jongrim Ha, Ayhan Kose & Hakan Yilmazkuday

Forecasting Industrial Commodity Prices : Literature Review and a Model Suite
Franziska Ohnsorge, Francisco Arroyo-Marioli, Jeetendra Khadan & Takefumi Yamazaki

The Distributional Impact of Inflation in South Asia: An Empirical Approach
Vanessa Olakemi Dovonou & Zoe Leiyu Xie

Are Carbon Taxes Good for South Asia?
Valerie Mercer-Blackman, Lazar Milivojevic & Victor Mylonas

Natural Disasters and Fiscal Drought
Lazar Milivojevic

The links between COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and non-pharmaceutical interventions
Maurizio Bussolo, Nayantara Sarma & Iván Torre

How Selling Online Is Affecting Informal Firms in South Asia
Maurizio Bussolo, Akshay Dixit, Anne Golla, Ananya Kotia, Jean N. Lee, Prema Narasimhan & Siddharth Sharma


Social Norms and Gender Equality
Maurizio Bussolo, Jessy Amarachi Ezebuihe, Ana Maria Munoz Boudet, Stavros Poupakis, Tasmia Rahman & Nayantara Sarma

A Dynamic Model of Fiscal Decentralization and Public Debt Accumulation
Si Guo, Yun Pei & Zoe Xie 

Dynamics and synchronization of global equilibrium interest rates
Robert C. M. Beyer & Lazar Milivojevic

Trade Agreements in South Asia: Towards a Successful Story in the Developing World
Sebastian Franco Bedoya


Understanding FDI Spillovers in the Presence of GVCs
Valerie Mercer-Blackman, Wei Xiang & Fahad Khan

The Impact of United States Tax Policies on Sectoral Foreign Direct Investment to Asia
Valerie Mercer-Blackman & Sheila Camingue

The Causal Effects of Long-Term PM2.5 Exposure on COVID-19 in India
Takahiro Yamada, Hiroyuki Yamada & Muthukumara Mani

Poverty and Migration in the Digital Age: Experimental Evidence on Mobile Banking in Bangladesh
Jean N. Lee, Jonathan Morduch, Saravana Ravindran, Abu Shonchoy & Hassan Zaman

It takes two (to make things right): Women's Empowerment and Couple Concordance in South Asia
Maurizio Bussolo, Nayantara Sarma & Anaise Williams

Narrowing the gender gap in mobile banking
Jean N.Lee, Jonathan Morduch, Saravana Ravindran & Abu S.Shonchoy

Workers at Risk: Panel Data Evidence on the COVID-19 Labor Market Crisis in India
Maurizio Bussolo, Ananya Kotia & Siddharth Sharma


The Drivers of Firms' Compliance to Environmental Regulations: The Case of India
Sebastian Franco-Bedoya & Muthukumara Mani

Regional Integration in South Asia: Implications for Green Growth, Female Labor Force Participation, and the Gender Wage Gap
Muthukumara Mani, Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan & Deepika Wadhwa

Valuing Unpaid Care Work in Bhutan
Jooyeoun Suh, Changa Dorji, Valerie Mercer-Blackman & Aimee Hampel-Milagrosa

Migration, externalities, and the diffusion of COVID-19 in South Asia
Jean N.Lee, Mahreen Mahmud, Jonathan Morduch, Saravana Ravindran & Abu S.Shonchoy

Fiscal policy and economic activity in South Asia
Robert C. M. Beyer & Lazar Milivojevic

Lights Out ? COVID-19 Containment Policies and Economic Activity
Robert C. M. Beyer, Tarun Jain & Sonalika Sinha 

Examining the Economic Impact of COVID-19 in India through Daily Electricity Consumption and Nighttime Light Intensity
Robert C. M. Beyer, Sebastian Franco-Bedoya & Virgilio Galdo


Employment in South Asia: A New Dataset
Robert C. M. Beyer, Milagros Chocce & Martin Rama

Fiscal Policy and Economic Activity in South Asia
Robert C. M. Beyer & Lazar Milivojevic

Inflation Dynamics and Global Value Chains
François de Soyres & Sebastian Franco Bedoya


Paris Climate Agreement and the Global Economy: Winners and Losers
Deepika Wadhwa, Muthukumara Mani, Zekarias Hussein & Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan

Wider Economic Benefits of Investments in Transport Corridors and the Role of Complementary Policies
Martin Melecky, Siddharth Sharma & Hari Subhash

Measuring districts' monthly economic activity from outer space
Robert C. M. Beyer, Esha Chhabra, Virgilio Galdo & Martin Rama

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