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Office of the Chief Economist, South Asia Region


  • South Asia Gender Innovation Lab: Promote evidence-based solutions to improve gender equality across South Asia
  • South Asia Economic Policy Network: Serve as a platform for collaboration with South Asian think tanks, academics, researchers, policy advisors, policy influencers, and development partners with an objective to support an ongoing and more structured dialogue on issues affecting the development prospects of South Asia.
  • SAR Debates: South Asia, home to almost one quarter of the world’s working adults, has become the region with the fastest growth potential in the world economy. However, to unleash its full potential major constraints to continued high growth have to be eliminated. These constraints range from lack of energy security to water scarcity, air pollution, and congested cities. Moreover, elite capture in several countries in the region has resulted in unbalanced growth, with large informal sectors, low trade shares, low tax revenues, and low female labor force participation rates. SAR Debates seeks to make evidence-based contributions to complex policy dilemmas.
  • The Spatial Database for South Asia: Develop a Geographic Information System (GIS) for the South Asia region that will integrate available spatial data from a variety of sources in a single, user-friendly electronic platform.
South Asia Economic Policy Network Expert Panel

The 9th South Asia Economic Policy Network Conference on Social Norms and Gender Equality

Despite decades of economic development, access to economic opportunities remains a challenge for many women in South Asia. How can the region help accelerate equality?
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