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A monthly summary of the The Office of the Chief Economist, Europe and Central Asia, provides a snapshot of our recent research and activities, as well as information on our upcoming events.

2019 Monthly Newsletters (PDF)

September Econothon In case you missed it, the Bank held its first-ever "Econothon" in July, featuring 24 consecutive hours of online discussions of development issues, based on the World Bank’s deep expertise and data-driven research. ECA had a very interesting part, including two live segments.
July Globalization and Value Chains Susan Lund, of McKinsey Global Institute, shared her findings about the trends shaping the global value chains, particularly how value chains are becoming more regional and less global as developing economies consume more of their own goods, and the way in which technology is reshaping them.
June Migration in Europe and Central Asia Migration is an important social and economic issue in the ECA region. We had a lively discussion at our last ECA Talks about the outflow of skilled workers and its impacts for the country they leave and the country they migrate to.
May Financial Inclusion Last month during the World Bank’s busy spring meetings, we issued our ECA Economic Update with a special focus on financial inclusion. Inclusive financial systems play a vital role in promoting economic development. This newsletter summarizes the main message of the update and provides links for further reading.
April Corporate Debt – Lessons of Europe for Asia An extensive rise in corporate leverage in Europe prior to the 2008 financial crisis has been followed by a sluggish recovery. Despite policy interventions to ease the credit supply, European investment remains low because firms are still going through a process of deleveraging.
March Belt and Road Initiative in Central Asia and the Caucasus The March newsletter focuses on the massive Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) plans to build roads, railways, seaports and other trade infrastructure in dozens of countries in the Eurasian continent. The BRI aims to connect Asia to Europe, and the initiative has steadily expanded economic corridors and projects as far as Africa.

Chief Economist, Europe and Central Asia
Asli Demirgüç-Kunt became the Chief Economist for the Europe and Central Asia region on 1st February, 2019.