Industry Engagement Program


As part of continuous improvement under the World Bank’s Procurement Framework, the IEP is engaging with suppliers in specific industries to improve the outcomes of World Bank-financed projects.

Industry Engagement Program

The World Bank’s Industry Engagement Program (IEP) has been established to identify and address recurring procurement challenges in targeted industry sectors. The aim is to improve procurement approaches, readiness for project implementation and drive better overall value for money. The IEP was established as part of Management’s commitment to the Board (July 2015).

The IEP works closely with industry sector experts (both on the client and the supply side) to identify and address recurring procurement challenges in Bank-financed Investment Project Financing (IPF). The principal objective is to achieve improved procurement and development outcomes.

Other IEP objectives:

1. motivate the right companies to bid
2. speed up procurements
3. reduce the costs of bidding (for Borrowers and suppliers)
4. improve readiness for project implementation
5. achieve value for money in delivering better outcomes and results
6. bring greater transparency to the bidding process
7. reduce procurement-related complaints.

Targeting key industries
The IEP focuses on specific industry sectors so that results can be shown quickly, before moving on to the next target area. Since 2017 target sectors include (find out more on each by clicking):



Large contracts related to water, irrigation and sanitation comprise almost 20% of Bank projects funded through Investment Project Financing (IPF).

IEP Water Sector: Supply, Sanitation, Resource Management, Irrigation

The IEP for the water sector started at the end of 2018. The water sector in the World Bank has four areas of focus covering water supply, sanitation, water resources management and water in agriculture. Recent estimates put the size of the global water market at about US$ 591 billion (2014). Market opportunities related to the water sector are expected to reach US$ 1 trillion by 2025.

A water sector market research report is being prepared by the IEP, analyzing global procurement practices, key supplier’s actions and behaviors, and the procurement practices of the World Bank and its Borrowers. Once complete, the report will form the bases of the Water IEP Action Plan.


Procurement and Innovation, April, 2019
Water Industry Workshop, March, 2019



MDI equipment refers to several different technologies that use various imaging methods to scan and image the human body to diagnose, monitor or assess treatment of medical conditions.

IEP Health Sector: Medical Diagnostic Imaging Equipment (MDI)

The IEP for the Health Sector is focused on large Medical Diagnostic Imaging Equipment. The first of a series of face-to-face consultations with industry experts was held in December, 2016 in Washington DC, centering primarily on US based industry experts. Subsequent workshops were held in Europe and Asia between June 1 and June 19, 2017. Links to these events and summaries are below. Out of these workshops, the IEP has developed resources to assist Borrowers and industry.


  • Guidance on Procuring MDI Equipment - covers the range of procurement approaches available to a Borrower when purchasing MDI equipment and provides advise on the different commercial and contractual models such as: lease, buy, and service-based delivery, including the procurement of support and maintenance.
  • Guidance on Contracting an MDI Specialist - explains the process for selecting and contracting specialists under the World Bank’s Framework Agreements. The World Bank established a panel of independent expert consultants specializing in MDI equipment. These experts are available to provide assistance and support to both Borrowers and the World Bank when undertaking Bank-financed MDI equipment and services procurements in Investment Project Financing (IPF).
  • Market Review and Action Plan, November, 2017
  • IEP Webinar Update Video, December 2017


- MDI Equipment Tools Launch Event, February 2019
- MDI Workshop, December 2016. SummaryComments from the workshop
- Large MDI Equipment Workshop (Summaries: France, June 2017 | China, June 2017 | Korea, July 2017 |Japan, July 2017 | December 2016, Comments from the workshop)