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Support to Venezuelan Migration


Drawing on quantitative and qualitative data, the World Bank has analyzed the characteristics, challenges and opportunities of Venezuelan immigration in Peru, as well as the institutional framework for the response




Report: Impact of COVID-19 on Venezuelan Migrants in Peru (Spanish)

July 2020




Report: An opportunity for all: Venezuelan Migration (Spanish)

November 2019 

In Peru, addressing the influx of migrants begins with integrating them and harnessing their potential to drive new growth opportunities. 


Press releases


Venezuelan Migration Can Promote Peru’s Productivity and Economic Growth

November 26, 2019

Venezuelan migrants and refugees represent a major economic opportunity for Peru, have the potential to raise the country’s productive capacity and significantly drive growth, according to a World Bank.



How to do a TEDx on Venezuelan migration required me to do my best


"For me, failing in that scenario was not a possibility. It would be a failure for the 4.7 million Venezuelan migrants and refugees and the millions of Colombians, Peruvians and the rest of Latin Americans who are experiencing the good and the bad of migration" (Spanish only). 


Venezuelan Migration: The 4,500-Kilometer Gap Between Desperation and Opportunity

Article & Infographic

Venezuelan migration is not abating. Since 2016, more than 4.6 million people have fled the country, mostly to other Latin American countries like Peru. How can these recipient communities not just deal with the influx but take advantage of the potential?.