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World Bank Support to Venezuelan Migration

More than 7 million people have fled Venezuela and 80% of them are in other Latin American countries like Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. The World Bank is supporting host countries to integrate migrants.


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Video Jun 15, 2023

Dexibel’s Journey: From Distressed Migrant to Entrepreneur

CDexibel Bravo moved from Venezuela to Colombia about five years ago. Given rights to work and start a business, she became an entrepreneur contributing to Colombia’s economy

Article Nov 26, 2019

The 4,500-Kilometer Gap Between Desperation and Opportunity

In Peru, addressing the influx of migrants begins with integrating them and harnessing their potential to drive new growth opportunities.

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Our strategy has three pillars: promote inclusive growth, invest in human capital, and build resilience
The World Bank is supporting host countries with technical and financial assistance to respond to the Venezuelan Migration

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