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Sustainable Urban & Regional Development


Unlocking financial opportunities: Evaluating urban infrastructure’s economic ...

This blog describes a recent World Bank initiative, financed by SURGE, aiming to shed light on the broader impacts that urban infrastructure projects can bring, how such impacts can be estimated, and why it is crucial to do so.

Welcoming new partners to the World Bank’s SURGE Umbrella Program

We welcome two new development partners to the Sustainable Urban and Regional Development Umbrella Program (SURGE) - the Republic of Austria, acting through its Federal Ministry of Finance, and the Republic of Korea, acting through its Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

SURGE 2022 Annual Report

Many cities are facing rapid population growth, climate change threats and other crises - but they also hold the potential for sustainable growth. SURGE is supporting a growing number of cities and regions around the world to become a driver of green, resilient, and inclusive development.

June 2021

Pancakes to Pyramids

Supported by empirical analysis of the shape and growth of nearly 10,000 cities around the world  and rigorous economic modeling, “Pancakes to Pyramids: City Form to Promote Sustainable Growth," helps us understand the drivers of city growth.

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About the program

SURGE is a Global Umbrella Program that helps cities & regions in developing countries function as drivers of green, resilient, sustainable and inclusive economic development. This donor-funded, World Bank-managed partnership comprises global and country programs.


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