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Expenditure: Administrative Social Protection Database

Simple cross-country comparison

Select the countries, social protection categories (social insurance, social assistance, labor market programs, social care services, general subsidies) and social protection sub-category (further breakdown of each category) to visualize social protection spending as a share of GDP regional comparison. Breakdown allows for breaking down the bar charts by coloring them based on the selection.

Cross Country Two-Year Comparison​

​​This visual is more interactive the above chart as it allows for the flexibility to choose the preferred years. Pick up to two years in the drop down menu to visualize. The earlier year will be visualized as a dot, the more recent year will be visualized as the bar. "Data availability on main SP categories" allows to limit the data to country-year with only full data available in that specific year. "Data availability over time" allows to limit the visual to countries that have data on both selected years.


SPEED (Social Protection Expenditure and Evaluation Database). 2022. Database, Washington, DC: World Bank