Indonesia: Evaluating the Longer-Term Impact and Sustainability of Community-Based Early Childhood Development Centers in Rural Areas

June 19, 2017

Timeline: 2015-2018

Researchers: Menno Pradhan, University of Amsterdam, VU University and Amsterdam Institute for International Development; Amelia Maika, University of Gajah Mada; Sally Brinkman, University of Western Australia; Haeil Jung, Indiana University Bloomington; Amer Hasan, World Bank

Evaluation: In Indonesia, large numbers of children don’t have access to improved water and sanitation, health services and early childhood education, especially in rural areas. The Government of Indonesia is seeking effective, sustainable ways to increase access to early childhood education to improve child development outcomes and learning. As part of its Early Childhood Education and Development project, the Government provides teacher training, community facilitation and village block grants to encourage communities in rural areas to establish and support playgroup centers. The evaluation team will examine if the project has an impact on development and learning outcomes by the time children are eight years old, and whether community-based playgroup centers provide a sustainable delivery model in rural areas.