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Leaders in Urban Transport Planning (LUTP)


Since its inception in 2011, the Leaders in Urban Transport Planning (LUTP) program has hosted 71 interactive training workshops worldwide, empowering 2,379 urban transport practitioners from 100 countries. Workshops focus on discussion, problem-solving, and experiential learning through case studies and group exercises as well as site visits. During workshops, participants from different cities and countries get to know each other, share their respective urban transport challenges, and find common ground in thinking through these challenges and potential solutions.


Upcoming and Recent Workshops


A photo of Gammarth
 Gammarth, Morocco, October 2023 

The LUTP program is partnering with local World Bank colleagues, the Transport Policy in Africa Program (SSATP) and the Tunisia’s Ministry of Transport to plan a workshop designed for participants coming from Tunisia and Morocco. A French language offering will take place from the 23 to the 27th and is designed to facilitate discussion and peer-to-peer learning around urban transport planning, with a specific focus on diagnosing urban mobility challenges, prioritizing investments, setting up effective institutions. 

Kigali transport
 Kigali, Rwanda, May 2023

The LUTP program is partnering with local World Bank colleagues and the Rwanda Ministry of Infrastructure to deliver a workshop for participants coming from Kigali, Rwanda; Kampala, Uganda; Nairobi, Kenya; and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The workshop is designed to facilitate discussion-based, peer-to-peer learning around urban transport planning, with a specific focus on diagnosing and prioritizing urban transport challenges and empowering institutions to plan and manage urban transport systems.

Doula City
 Douala, Cameroon, June 2023

In June 2023, the Doula City Council will host an LUTP workshop planned in collaboration with World Bank colleagues and the Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP) to support delivery of ongoing urban mobility projects in Cameroon and Haiti. A French language offering, this workshop will discuss the planning and implementation of bus-based public transport systems and the importance of resilience to climate change in urban transport planning. 


Past Workshops
LUTP workshop locations hosted from 2011-2022

Number of LUTP participants trained by nationality from 2011-2022

2022 Highlights


Türkiye, May 2022

On May 24-26, 2022, participants from 5 Turkish municipalities—Kocaeli, Kahramanmaraş, Düzce, Samsun, and Gaziantep—and other national-level stakeholders participated in the virtual LUTP workshop focused on diagnosing urban transport challenges and formulating Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). This workshop supported the ongoing implementation of advisory services and analytics on SUMPs led by the World Bank and funded by the European Union. The 3-day workshop achieved many firsts; it was LUTP's first offering since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, in an online/digital format, and in Turkish. The workshop also graduated the highest share of female alumni in LUTP’s history.

Exploring Public Transport Reform in Kumasi

Kumasi, Ghana, September 2022

On September 25-30, 2022, 45 policymakers from cities in Ghana and Sierra Leone will convened in Kumasi for an LUTP workshop. Hosted by the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly and the Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP), this workshop will dive intoprobed topics such as governance and institutional frameworks for urban transport, public transport reform, and funding and financing for long-term sustainability of transport infrastructure and services.

LUTP to Support Maputo Urban Transport Transformation

Maputo, Mozambique, November 2022

In partnership with the Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP), LUTP will hoeld its first workshop for Lusophone African cities in Maputo, Mozambique on November 7-10 November, 2022. Supporting the Maputo Urban Transformation Project, this workshop brought together 46 practitioners from Mozambique and Angola will to discuss good practice for public transport infrastructure and service planning and lessons-learned from global experience.

Smart and Sustainable Urban Mobility in Seoul

Seoul, South Korea, November 2022

From November 30 toDecember 1- December 6, 2022, the Korea Transport Institute, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government will hosted an LUTP workshop in Seoul with the theme of “Smart and Sustainable Urban Mobility.” With support from the Korea Green Growth Trust Fund, this workshop convened 30 urban mobility policymakers from Mongolia, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, India, Vanuatu, and Papua New Guinea will focus onwho explored how data and technological innovations can support urban transport planning and improve transport system sustainability and resilience.