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Leaders in Urban Transport Planning (LUTP)

LUTP Management

The Leaders in Urban Transport Planning (LUTP) Program is administered by the World Bank’s Transport team. If you are interested in learning more about the program or becoming a partner, we encourage you to contact Ms. Nargis Ryskulova at .

A photo of Nargis

Nargis Ryskulova

LUTP Program Co-Lead

Sr. Transport Specialist

Georges Bianco Darido  LUTP Program Co-Lead  Lead Urban Transport Specialist

Georges Bianco Darido

LUTP Program Co-Lead

Lead Urban Transport Specialist

Photo of Laura

Laura Piovesan

Program Assistant


LUTP Partners

The LUTP program relies on the generous support of its partners to expand its training curriculum and deliver high-quality interactive training workshops. There are three primary models for partnership in the program: financial partners, session hosts, and education partners. These models are complementary, and any one partner can serve multiple roles.

Financial Partners

Financial partners support LUTP by covering the day-to-day operations of the program and by funding the delivery of sessions and the development of new content.

Our financial partners include:

Previous partners:

Session Hosts

Partner organizations in this category work with the LUTP team to prepare specific workshops (either digital or in-person). Session hosts are responsible for collaboratively shaping the session agenda—including suggesting topics and areas of the LUTP curriculum to be highlighted, inviting local speakers, and coordinating interviews, presentations, and site visits (live or recorded) with local policymakers and/or transport operators. Partners will support session logistics and advertise session details with their local networks. Some session hosts nominate and financially sponsor select individuals to participate in the session.

Our session hosts include:

Previous partners:

Educational Partners

Educational partners work with the LUTP team to develop new content for the curriculum and contribute to the program’s instructor pool. Educational partners draft learning material (such as case studies), support the translation of materials into additional program languages, and teach these materials during program sessions.

Our educational partners include:

Previous partners:


Korea Green Growth Trust Fund

LUTP Logo Partner

LUTP partnerships, World Bank Group SDF Partnership Fund


LUTP Logo Partner SSATP