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Leaders in Urban Transport Planning (LUTP)


A photo of Seoul, Korea

LUTP Seoul l May-June 2024

From May 26th to June 1st, the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) will host an LUTP workshop in Seoul. The program aims to provide policymakers and practitioners with a platform to exchange knowledges about diagnosing urban transportation problems and developing effective strategies to promote more livable and sustainable cities.

A photo of the Hague

LUTP The Hague l June 2024

The workshop is tailored to the learning needs of the audience and covers a wide range of urban transport challenges. It focuses on active mobility and intermodal integration drawing from the Netherlands experience.


LUTP Mentorship Program

The LUTP Mentorship Program (LUTP-M) is designed to provide mentoring support to alumni of Leaders in Urban Transport Program (LUTP) workshops willing to improve or resolve a mobility issue in their city. LUTP Mentorship program Africa (SSATP-LUTP-M) was launched during the LUTP workshop held in Kumasi, Ghana on September 25-30, 2022. During the weeklong workshop, time was allocated so that participants could work in groups to discuss ideas to improve an urban mobility issue in a city. Project ideas had to be independent, innovative, and implementable. The SSATP-LUTP Africa mentorship program was implemented over a period of 6 months between March and November 2023 with the generous financial support of the Partnership Funds for Sustainable Development Goals.


Transformative Insights for Urban Transport Planners in Africa and Beyond

In June 2022, the World Bank launched the Douala Urban Mobility Project (PMUD) which aims to improve urban mobility and support inclusive urban and economic development along select Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridors and feeder lines. Its design was spurred by the pressing need to alleviate urban congestion, reduce travel times, and supply safer and more efficient transport options for Douala's residents. It is against this backdrop that the World Bank (WB) partnered with the Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP) to organize the Leaders in Urban Transport Planning (LUTP) training workshop hosted by the Doula City Council from June 19-23, 2023.

A photo of Gammarth

LUTP Gammarth l October 2023

The LUTP program is partnering with local World Bank colleagues, the Transport Policy in Africa Program (SSATP) and the Tunisia’s Ministry of Transport to plan a workshop designed for participants coming from Tunisia and Morocco. A French language offering will take place from the 23 to the 27th and is designed to facilitate discussion and peer-to-peer learning around urban transport planning, with a specific focus on diagnosing urban mobility challenges, prioritizing investments, setting up effective institutions.

LUTP workshop

LUTP 2023 completed workshops

From June to December 2023 the LUTP team and its partners delivered five workshops training 193 participants. All sessions hosted in Rwanda, Cameroon, Tunisia, Kiribati and Tonga received glowing reviews from participants and there continues to be high demand for the engagement.


About the Program

The Leaders in Urban Transport Planning (LUTP) program empowers policy-makers and practitioners with the knowledge and skills needed to diagnose urban mobility challenges and craft effective strategies to promote more livable, more sustainable cities.


A photo of Nargis
Sr. Transport Specialist / LUTP Task Team Leader

Nargis Ryskulova
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