Infrastructure and Transport


To promote a better understanding of the impacts of the transport sector on productivity and growth, this theme combines analysis of policy relevant questions innovative methods and data collection.

Transport infrastructure and services play a key role in economic development. Although the current potential for transport investments and policies to boost sustainable, inclusive growth and poverty reduction through declining transport costs appears to be large in developing countries, the success of transport investments and transport policies may depend on a variety of physical and non-physical factors. Because these factors are not well understood and may not be taken into account by policy makers, there is often a risk that transport investments are designed in ways that are not cost-effective and do not produce the range of expected outcomes.

The objective of this theme is to contribute to a better understanding of the benefits and costs of transport policies in developing countries, and to assess the potential for transport policies to efficiently stimulate growth in ways that can also reduce poverty and address social costs.


Rail Rehab East Africa

Wider economic benefit assessment of Railway Rehabilitation in East Africa

Highway Politics in Mexico

Highway politics in Mexico

City Transport in MENA

City transport in MENA


Travel Patterns Tanzania

Understanding individual traffic patterns in Tanzania


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