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Knowledge for Change Program

The Knowledge for Change Program (KCP) promotes evidence-based policy making through research, data, and analytics

The Knowledge for Change Program (KCP) is an Umbrella Program that aims at delivering high-impact, policy-relevant research and knowledge products. Housed in the Development Economics Vice Presidency of the World Bank, the KCP commenced its operation in 2002, and has supported more than 360 projects on research, data, and analytics, with total funding of US$72 million.

KCP’s Goals

  • Original Research. Produce rigorous and relevant fundamental research in support of evidence-based policy making in international development, anticipating future needs and knowledge gaps as well as responding to current policy challenges.
  • Operational Relevance. Support World Bank Group country operations in the design, implementation, evaluation, and modification of development interventions in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Open Knowledge: Open access to knowledge through sharing, partnerships, and capacity building.


KCP 2022 Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals invites proposals of original, policy-relevant research and knowledge products that promote evidence-based policy making in international development. The deadline of submission is June 3, 2022.

World Development Report 2021: Data for Better Lives

For data to realize its potential to transform lives, new rules of the road are needed - a social contract for data is needed. Such a contract would enable the use and reuse of data to create economic and social value, while ensuring equitable access to the value realized, as well as fostering participants’ trust that they will not be harmed by data misuse.

Blog: The quiet financial crisis

The global COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in soaring infection rates, widespread lockdowns, record-shattering declines in output, and spiking poverty. But, in addition to these trends, a quieter crisis now gaining momentum could jeopardize economic recovery prospects for years to come.

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Kerina Wang, Senior Program Officer, Development Economics

Kerina Wang

Senior Program Officer