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Global Wildlife Program

Global Wildlife Program Webinars

The GWP conducts regular virtual knowledge exchange events on a range of topics related to anti-poaching, community engagement, tourism concessions, counter-wildlife trafficking, anti-corruption, and consumer demand reduction. Click on the event's title or photo below to replay the video recording.

If you would like to join virtual events, please email


Understanding climate change and social drivers of human-wildlife conflict

March 2024

Patrick Roehrdanz, Director, Climate Change and Biodiversity, Conservation International

Mia Guarnieri, Wildlife biologist and environmental scientist, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management

Ezequiel Fabiano, Senior Lecturer, University of Namibia

Yudis Cerquera Vega, Treasurer of the community action board, Yarí Peasant Business Association, Sustainable Amazon for Peace Project

Alexandra Zimmermann, Chair of the IUCN SSC Human-Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence Specialist Group

Lisa Farroway, Program Manager, Global Wildlife Program, World Bank

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Countering Corruption in Wildlife Trade and Conservation

November 2023

Micol Martini, Senior Expert and Technical Lead, Governance Practice, WWF International 

Daniela Sota Valdivia, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Associate, UNODC 

Alastair Nelson, Managing Director, Conservation Synergies and Advisor to the Head Ranger of Kruger National Park on the Integrity Management Plan 

Alexandra Habershon, Program Manager and Global Lead for Anticorruption, Governance Global Practice, World Bank 


Supporting Rangers Through the 3Cs - Conditions, Capacity and Conduct

July 2023

Kunzang Choden, PhD, Program Manager, Bhutan For Life Fund Secretariat

Cristina Sganga, Human Rights Expert

Theresa Sowry, CEO, Southern African Wildlife College

Monica Alvarez, Officer, International Ranger Federation

Rohit Singh, Asia Representative, International Ranger Federation, Director Wildlife Enforcement and Zero Poaching, World Wildlife Fund

Chris Galliers, President, International Ranger Federation

Lisa Farroway, Program Manager, Global Wildlife Program, World Bank

preventing diseases in wildlife management

Preventing Diseases in Wildlife Management: Sharing Guidance and Insights to Support Practice

April 2023

Franck Berthe, World Bank

Catherine Machalaba, EcoHealth Alliance

Dao Nguyen, IUCN

Dr Kalpy Julien Coulibaly, Pasteur Institute of Côte d'Ivoire

François Diaz, WOAH, founded as OIE

Jackson Katampi, Department of National Parks and Wildlife, Zambia

Lessons from GWP Gabon and the Republic of Congo Projects

Lessons from GWP Gabon and the Republic of Congo Projects

December 2022

Corine Dickelet, Republic of Congo 

Assim Serge Da, Republic of Congo  

Jean Aime Goulou, Republic of Congo  

Olivier Ondo Assame, Gabon  

Augustin Mihindou Mbina, Gabon  

Murielle Betoue Meyet, Gabon

Erwan Morand, World Bank

Monica Zavagli, World Bank

Resources for the Resilient Recovery of Nature-Based Tourism

Resources for the Resilient Recovery of Nature-Based Tourism

December 2022

Daniel Turner, ANIMONDIAL

Eliza Northrup, World Resources Institute

Chloe King, Solimar International

Carol Ritchie, EUROPARC Federation

Anna Spenceley, IUCN WCPA TAPAS Group

Wendy Li, World Bank

Vanessa Satur, World Bank

The Vital Role of Rangers in Achieving Biodiversity and Development Outcomes

The Vital Role of Rangers in Achieving Biodiversity and Development Outcomes

December 2022

Jointly with the GEF

Hannah Fairbank, GEF Secretariat

Claude Gascon, GEF

Chris Galliers, International Ranger Federation

Rohit Singh, Universal Ranger Support Alliance

Giovanni Soliman Bete Reyes, ICCA Consortium Philippines

Edson Gandiwa, Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife

Johannes Haas, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

Lisa Farroway, World Bank

Conserving Wildlife and People and Planet

Conserving Wildlife and People and Planet

December 2022

Jointly with the GEF

Adriana Moreira, GEF Secretariat

Hannah Fairbank, GEF Secretariat

Marthin Kasaona, Namibia

Sydney Nkosi​, South Africa

Rambli Ahmad​, Malaysia

Urvashi Narain, World Bank

Lisa Farroway, World Bank

Public Participation in Corridors and Connectivity Conservation

Public Participation in Corridors and Connectivity Conservation

October 2022

Diego Juffe Bignoli, Biodiversity Decisions and IUCN Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group 

Annika Keeley, Center for Large Landscape Conservation and IUCN Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group 

Jessica Thorn, School of Geography and Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews 

Wilfredo Pachon, ASL Sustainable Amazon for Peace Project, Colombia

Law Enforcement GWP webinar

The Inside Out of Wildlife Crime Linked to the Internet

August 2022

Cindy Chimal, INTERPOL

Dr. Manoj Kumar, Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, Government of India

Erick Tran, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

Ayse Koçak, TikTok

Crawford Allan, TRAFFIC

Giavanna Grein, WWF

Edward van Asch, CITES Secretariat

Lisa Farroway, World Bank


Strengthening Sharing of Benefits from Tourism with Local Communities

July 27, 2022

Anna Spenceley, IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group (TAPAS Group)

Vanice Mirembe Daawa, Uganda Wildlife Authority

Phonesuck Inthavong, Nam Et-Phou Louey National Park, Lao PDR

Mayra Castellanos, Cerro Azul, Colombia

William Alexander Rojas Melendez, Cerro Azul Puerta de Chiribiquete, Colombia

Adam Thalhath, Six Senses Laamu, Maldives

Shaha Hashim, Blue Marine Foundation

Genevieve Connors, World Bank

Vanessa Satur, World Bank

Wendy Li, World Bank


Webinar recording in Spanish

indigenous people, local communities, conservation

Sharing Successful Experiences of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities' Engagement in Conservation

May 2022

(co-hosted with the Amazon Sustainable Landscapes Program)

Majka Burhardt, Legado

Diana Alvira, Legado

Lilian Painter, Wildlife Conservation Society

Mauricio Sarabia Vie, T'simane Mosetén Regional Council of Pilón Lajas 

Agustin Vicente Mamani Peña, Central Indígena del Pueblo Leco de Apolo 

Siddharth Nair, SECURE Himalaya Project, UNDP 

Valerie Hickey, World Bank



WCS Toolkit



Lessons from the Philippines Project

January 2022

Atty. Theresa Tenazas, Philippines

Ardi Risman, Philippines

Esteven Toledo, Philippines

Francesco Ricciardi, ADB

Lodigario “Garie” Rigor, ADB

Cecilia Fischer, ADB

Monica Zavagli, World Bank

Presentation: Lessons from the Philippines Project


Gender and Illegal Wildlife Trade: Overlooked and Underestimated

October 2021

Joni Seager, Bentley University

Rob Parry-Jones, WWF International

Tamara Leger, WWF International

Valerie Hickey, World Bank

Lisa Farroway, World Bank

Munashe Matare, GWP Zimbabwe Project

Yayat Afianto, UNDP Indonesia

Presentation: Gender and Illegal Wildlife Trade

Report: Gender and Illegal Wildlife Trade: Overlooked and Underestimated

Toolkit: Gender and IWT Toolkit


How Can Collaborative Management Partnerships Advance Protected Area Conservation and Development Goals?

September 2021

Lisa Farroway, World Bank

Ariella Kageruka, Rwanda Development Board

Kathleen H. Fitzgerald, Conservation Capital

Raymond Bourdeaux, World Bank 

Mateus Mutemba, Government of Mozambique

Jean Labuschagne, African Parks

Keith Vincent, Wilderness Safaris 

Presentation: Launch of Collaborative Management Partnership Toolkit

Web Page: Collaborative Management Partnership Toolkit


Banking on Protected Areas – Report Launch

June 2021

Karin Kemper, World Bank

Urvashi Narain, World Bank

Mark Lundell, World Bank

Natalia Jauri, Government of Argentina

Sindhu Prasad Dhungana, Government of Nepal

William Katongo, Government of Zambia

Presentation: Banking on Protected Areas Report – Key Findings

Report: Banking on Protected Areas: Promoting Sustainable Protected Area Tourism to Benefit Local Economies


Conservation Livelihoods - Looking Beyond Tourism

April 2021

Lisa Farroway, World Bank

Sue Snyman, Research at the African Leadership University’s School of Wildlife Conservation

Presentation: Conservation Livelihoods - Looking Beyond Tourism

Richard Diggle, WWF-Namibia 

Carina Piment, Conexsus Brazil

Jasper Makala, Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative Tanzania

Joke Hoffman, BioCarbon Partners 

Marissa Balfour, Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network

Adrian Dellecker, Luc Hoffman Institute


Wildlife Insights: A New Platform to Conserve and Monitor Wildlife in the Tropics

July 2020

Adriana Moreira, World Bank

Jorge A. Ahumada, Conservation International

Tanya Birch, Google Earth Outreach

Jonathan Palmer, Wildlife Conservation Society

Nagaraja Rao Harshadeep, World Bank


Nature-Based Tourism: Tools and Resources for Sustainable Development

July 2020

Garo Batmanian, World Bank

Anna Spenceley, Tools and Resources for Nature-Based Tourism

Presentation: Tools and Resources for Nature-Based Tourism

Steve Noakes, Pacific Asia Tourism & Binna Burra Lodge, Australia

Presentation: Nature-Based Tourism in Asia and Australia During the COVID-19 Pandemic - How the Sector is Responding

Paul Eshoo, Sustainable Tourism Advisor 

Urvashi Narain, World Bank


Geospatial-Based Conservation Solutions

June 2020

Erick Fernandes, World Bank

David Gadsden, ESRI

Presentation: Esri Conservation Solutions

Laly Lichtenfeld, African People & Wildlife

Presentation: Geospatial-based Conservation Solutions

Chipangura Chirara, UNDP, Zimbabwe

Jaime Cavalier, Global Environment Facility

Presentation: African Parks


Land Restoration in Africa: Practical Perspectives from the Regreening Africa Programme

May 2020

Garo Batmanian, World Bank

Susan Chomba, World Agroforestry (ICRAF)

Presentation: Land Restoration - Moving From Ivory Towers of Commitments To Practical Action - Perspectives from Regreening Africa

Mathew Reddy, Global Environment Facility

Timothy H. Brown, World Bank 

Ioannis Vasileiou, World Bank


Southeast Asia – At the Heart of Wildlife Trade

March 2020

André Rodrigues de Aquino, World Bank Group

Kanitha Krishnasamy, TRAFFIC in Southeast Asia

Monica Zavagli, TRAFFIC

Presentation: Southeast Asia - At the Heart of Wildlife Trade

Report: Renewed game plan needed to tackle Southeast Asia’s wildlife trafficking problem

Giovanni Broussard, UNODC Global Programme for Combatting Wildlife and Forest Crimes in Southeast Asia



Combating Maritime Trafficking of Wildlife

February 2020

Charlotte de Fontaubert, World Bank Group

Timothy Wittig, Basel Institute on Governance

Presentation: Private Sector Engagement and Information Sharing with Law Enforcement to Combat Maritime Trafficking of Wildlife

Tom Milliken, Wildlife Trade Consultant

Daniel Sepetu, CMA CGM Transportation & Shipping Company

Swalleh Taher Faraj, Kenya Revenue Authority


Human-Wildlife Conflict and Insurance

November 2019

Muthukumara S. Mani, World Bank

Paul Steele, IIED

Presentation: Insurance and Human Wildlife Conflict

Barbara Chabbaga, AB Consultants

Athula Senaratne, Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka

Milanthi Sarukkali, Spark Actuarial, Sri Lanka

Richard W. Diggle, WWF Namibia

Presentation: Human Wildlife Conflict Microinsurance Scheme


Conservation Enterprises - Integrating Conservation Goals into Development Projects

October 2019

Megan Hill, USAID

Judy Boshoven, Foundations of Success

Presentation: Conservation Enterprises - Integrating Conservation Goals into Development Projects

Dilys Roe, IIED

Timothy Brown, World Bank Group


Digital Approaches to Demand Reduction: Recent Results from the Field — Combating Wildlife Trafficking Collaborative Learning Group

September 2019

Eleanora De Guzman, USAID Wildlife Asia

Sunny Patel, Trends Digital

David Cumplido, Trends, Digital

Jan Vertefeuille, WWF

Anny Liang, WWF

John Baker, Wild Aid

Presentation: Digital Approaches to Demand Reduction - Recent Results from the Field


Women in Wildlife Conservation

June 2019

Amy Dickman, Ruaha Carnivore Project and Lion Conservation Alliance

Presentation: Women in Nature Network

Presentation: Women in Wildlife Conservation - Insights from the Pride Lion Conservation Alliance

Using SMART at scale for effective wildlife protection

Using SMART at Scale for Effective Wildlife Protection

May 2019

Richard Bergl, North Carolina Zoological Park

Presentation: SMART Improving the Effectiveness of Protected Areas Globally

Efrain Laureano, Chemonics

Presentation: Lawin Forest and Biodiversity Protection System Using SMART at Scale for Protection

Padu Franco, WCS Colombia

Presentation: SMART Adoption Case Study: Colombia

Claire Lewis, Frankfurt Zoological Society


Engaging Financial and Transport Sectors to Tackle Illicit Wildlife Trade

April 2019

Channing Mavrellis, Global Financial Integrity

Presentation: Illicit Financial Flows and Wildlife Trafficking

Sophie Le Clue, ADM Capital Foundation

Sam Inglis, ADM Capital Foundation

Presentation: Trading in Extinction - The Dark Side of Hong Kongs Wildlife Trade

Presentation: United for Wildlife Transport and Financial Taskforces


Rhino Impact Investment Project

February 2019

Mark Zimsky, Global Environment Facility

Penny Stock, UNDP

Glen Jeffries, Conservation Capital

Oliver Withers, Zoological Society of London

Presentation: Project Update and Introduction to the Rhino Impact Bond Concept


Artificial Intelligence Cameras for Wildlife Conservation

January 2019

Karl Burkart, Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation

Kyler Abernathy, National Geographic Labs

Eric Dinerstein, WildTech, RESOLVE

Anna Bethke, Intel’s Artificial Intelligence Products Group

Presentation: TrailGuard AI Powered by Intel: Technology to Stop Poachers Before They Kill


Tourism Decision Making at Parks Canada

December 2018

François Duclos, Parks Canada

Presentation: Tourism Decision-Making at Parks Canada

George Stirrett Wood, World Bank


Ethics and Conservation

November 2018

John M. Sellar, Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime

Presentation: Ethics in the Battle Against Wildlife Crime and Trafficking

Vivek Menon, Wildlife Trust of India

Presentation: Ethics and Values in Conservation


Application of Science and Innovative Technology to Combat Wildlife Crime

October 2018

Samuel Wasser, Center for Conservation Biology, University of Washington

Elliott Harbin, Homeland Security Investigations Environmental Crimes Program

Kate Brooks, Filmmaker


Valuing Nature

August 2018

Kai Collins, Conservation Manager, Wilderness Safaris

Presentation: Illegal Bushmeat and Poaching threats to Ecotourism in Botswana

Robin Naidoo, Senior Conservation Scientist, WWF


Tourism Concessions in Protected Areas

May 2018

Hermione Nevill, World Bank/IFC

Presentation: Concessioning in Protected Areas 14 Characteristics of Success

Susan Snyman, IUCN WCPA Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group

Presentation: Promoting the Sustainability of Tourism Concessions

Richard Diggle, WWF

Presentation: Tourism Concessions in Protected Areas Namibia


Engaging a Global Community to Mitigate Human Wildlife Conflict

April 2018

Dr. Alexandra Zimmermann, IUCN Species Survival Commission

Presentation: Engaging a Global Community to Mitigate Human Wildlife Conflict

Dr. Sumith Pilapitiya, Elephant Ethologist and former Wildlife Director General, Sri Lanka

Presentation: From Conflict to Coexistence: A Strategic Approach to HEC Mitigation


Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge – Showcase of Innovative Technology to Combat IWT

March 2018

Ravikant Singh and Raja Brij Bhushan, Binomial Solutions

Presentation: e-Eye® Binomial Solutions

Sophie Maxwell, Zoological Society of London

Presentation: Conservation Technology

Presentation: Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge


The Power of Multimedia for Development & Conservation

February 2018

Lisa Samford, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival & Conservation Summit

Rhett Butler, Mongabay

Ellen Windemuth, Off the Fence Productions

Susan Kelly, Planet3 and Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival


Co-Management Conservation Models in Africa

February 2018

Mujon Baghai, Mujon Baghai Consulting

Presentation: Collaborative Management Partnerships in Africa

Greg Carr, Carr Foundation

Presentation: "Window on Eternity" Integrated Conservation and Development in Gorongosa Park, Mozambique

Andrew Parker, Africa Parks

Presentation: African Parks


Application of Innovative Technology to Reduce Poaching

January 2018

Jeff Frank, FLIR System

Presentation: Thermal Technology for Conservation Applications

Robert Hannaford, UAV & Drone Solutions

Colby Loucks, WWF-US

Presentation: Using Technology to Stop Poaching: Some Thoughts and Lessons Learned

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