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Global Smart City Partnership Program

Supporting cities to become 'smart' – efficient, innovative, inclusive, and resilient – using data and technology


Technical Support

Services We Provide

We offer World Bank Group teams and their clients two types of services: just-in-time technical assistance, for engagements of six-month or less, and operational support for longer-term engagements.

Knowledge Sharing

Access to Expertise

We facilitate networking and knowledge-sharing among smart city experts and cities from around the world. We also identify smart-city experts and connect them with selected World Bank Group teams through an interactive matching process.

Knowledge Products

Engagement Briefs

Read our latest briefs on Bangladesh, Indonesia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Smart Cities & Urban Development

Smart cities leverage data and technology to integrate urban infrastructure and service delivery and provide solutions to achieve a citizen-centric approach. Digital technologies are enablers, helping to improve urban planning and management.

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Global Smart City Solutions Catalog 2024

The Smart City catalog provides good practices to those interested in understanding the process of smart city development and adopting relevant strategies and solutions. The catalog aims to be a practical guide for planning effective smart city implementation.
phase 2
Phase 2 Completion Report

Achievements, Innovations, and Prospects

As of 2023, GSCP2 has backed 22 projects, predominantly in the urban and transport sectors, with Africa holding the most significant share at 32%. This phase has successfully bridged strategic planning and investment design in smart city development.
smart journeys of developing cities
SMART CITY TOP Agenda 2023

Smart Journeys of Developing Cities

The chapter on “Smart Journeys of Developing Cities: Key takeaway from the World Bank’s smart city engagement," on page 106, is written by GPURL Global Director Bernice Van K. Bronkhorst and GSCP Lead Narae Choi.
Aerial view the city of Sorowako in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, at night.
Phase 1 Completion Report

A Foundation for Stimulating Smart Urban Transformations

Phase 1 Completion Report -- Read about our progress toward building a solid foundation for smart urban evolution. We aim to nurture cities’ unique potential to address urgent challenges, such as COVID-19 and climate change.

Supported By

GSCP is a partnership of WBG's Global Practice for Urban, Disaster Risk Management & Land and the Republic of Korea's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport (MOLIT). MOLIT & the Korea-World Bank Partnership Facility (KWPF) have financed our work since 2018.

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