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Foundational Learning Compact (FLC)

Strengthening Education Systems for Better Learning Outcomes

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The Foundational Learning Compact (FLC) is a World Bank multi-donor umbrella trust fund for early childhood, primary and secondary education. Foundational learning is basic literacy, numeracy, and transferable skills, that are the building blocks for a life of learning. 


FLC Progress Report 2023

This progress report examines the progress made by the activities under the Foundational Learning Compact (FLC) Multi-Donor Umbrella Trust Fund from October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023.

The “how to” of inclusive policy design

Why are more children with disabilities being left out despite rising global interest in building more inclusive education systems? Learn how the FLC is working with our newest partner, the Scottish Government to address this challenge through the roll-out of Inclusive Education Policy Academy (IEPA), a new World Bank program focused on disability inclusion in education.

Achieving Gender Equality in Education: Examining Progress and Constraints

This report examines how it is simply not enough to get girls into school. Programs that focus on getting girls into school through scholarships, cash transfers, and stipends improve girls' enrollment outcomes. Teaching and learning-focused programs for girls, such as combating stereotypical gender norms in pedagogy, textbooks, and curriculum, help reduce gender-bias in schools and empower them to reach their full potential.

Following Malawi's lead: Three lessons to improve foundational learning ...

In late 2023, members from the Global Coalition for Foundational Learning visited Malawi to demonstrate collective support for the government of Malawi's commitment to improve foundational learning at scale. Malawi, like the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa has staggeringly low learning poverty. The coalition members observed 3 things that are beginning to move the dial on learning poverty in Malawi.

Education Finance Watch 2023

The Education Finance Watch (EFW) 2023 updates analyses on trends and patterns of education spending for the past ten years, up to 2021, the second year after the COVID-19 pandemic. As a special theme of this year's volume, the EFW 2023 sheds light on changes in the school-age population and projects its fiscal implications for the upcoming ten years for selected countries.

Learning to read, reading to learn: Four lessons from Aprender+ in Mozambique

Reading is the foundation of learning and knowledge for any child. It facilitates the acquisition of new vocabulary, enhances comprehension, and opens up new worlds to young students.

Making Teacher Policy Work

This report zooms into what lies behind the success or failure of teacher policies: how teachers experience these policies, and how systems scale and sustain these policies.

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We welcome all questions about this critical learning initiative. The FLC is open to country governments and donor agencies, as well as foundations, and private sector donors.
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