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The objective of the Cybersecurity Multi-Donor Trust Fund is to provide knowledge, technical assistance and practical tools to help build cyber and digital security capability and capacity, and make sure countries and their citizens can safely take full advantage of ongoing digital transformation and development. Work aims to:

  • provide practical and technical analysis to low- and middle-income countries on the threats, risks and opportunities of emerging technology
  • fund effectively coordinated tailored cyber capacity building activities to low- and middle-income countries so that they have the strategies, structures and resilience to deal with cyber-attacks
  • lay the cybersecurity foundation for low- and middle-income countries to further invest in the enhancement of their cybersecurity capacities and infrastructure
  • provide support for implementing internationally recognized cyber norms, including through confidence-building measures and capacity building
  • strengthen international development through supporting cybersecurity related partnerships and expertise, including in collaboration with think-tanks, capacity building centers and universities.