Connecting Businesses to Improve Market Access

December 17, 2019


The Competitiveness Policy Evaluation Lab works closely with projects teams and governments to design, implement, and evaluate pilots for programs that connect businesses. Examples are productive alliances, market places, or supplier-buyer platforms.

The idea behind this cluster is that firms can improve their performance if they are better connected to other firms, whether they are buyers, sellers, or peers. These connections take on a variety of forms. For example, in a strengthened buyer-seller relationship, buyers may give feedback to sellers on product quality and give tips on improvements. In an informal networking group, firms can share know-how on financing, operations, and trends. 

In low- and middle- income countries with weaker institutions, the impact of these relationships may be greater. There are also benefits to gain from making market linkages and these linkages can have large spillover effects in the economy.

This leads to questions concerning what type of policies have shown to promote business connections and market-linkages.

Further details on the cluster topic can be found here.

The following are impact evaluations that are relevant in this area, sponsored by ComPEL and/or other partners.

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