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Climate Change Governance

How we work

We support country clients with knowledge, technical assistance, and financing to strengthen their climate governance institutions. Diagnostics help countries assess the strengths and weaknesses of their climate change institutions. Technical assistance and investment operations help partner institutions integrate climate change considerations in core management systems. Development policy operations support the climate change institutional reforms.  

Global knowledge products synthesize the latest thinking on climate governance and provide guidance for country-level reforms. We share knowledge with partners through international forums. The program supports the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action’s Helsinki Principle 4 which encourages ministries of finance to “take climate change into account in macroeconomic policy, fiscal planning, budgeting, public investment management, and procurement practices”. In collaboration with the NDC Partnership, the program provides economic advisors to support governments’ efforts to green the post COVID-19 recovery, developing opportunities for a decarbonized and climate-resilient future.

In Mozambique, the program helps integrate climate change into planning and budgeting processes, ensuring alignment of development policies with climate projections, developing an adaptation and resilience strategy to mobilize investment resources, and building capacity of national and subnational governments.

In Vietnam, the program supports climate-informed public investment in the Mekong region with the development of a digital platform that allows subnational governments to plot public investments against physical climate risks. This tool informs screening of investment projects.

In Jordan, the program works to strengthen green public financial management and green recovery efforts.  An assessment of the climate-readiness of Jordan’s public financial management system using PEFA-Climate has helped inform reforms to laws and regulations, institutions, systems, procedures, and processes. The World Bank is supporting the establishment of a climate change unit within the Ministry of Finance to help strengthen the government’s climate change response domestically and internationally.


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