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Climate Change Governance




Taking governments to court over climate change
Civil society organizations, advocacy groups and private citizens are beginning to use courts to hold governments and the private sector accountable for their climate inaction.



Looking to the future to make the best decisions today: climate long-term strategies
Long-term climate strategies are needed today. Long-term strategies set targets and lays out the path for climate-smart development.



Climate Change Budget Tagging: A Review of International Experience
Climate tagging practices increase awareness of climate change issues in central finance and line agencies and help communicate a government’s commitment to climate action.



The political economy of tackling climate change 
The political economy of climate change has begun shifting towards accelerated action, but challenges remain in achieving a just transition.



Greening public investments in Africa - Where can finance ministries start?
As fiscal pressures mount, governments in Africa will need to deepen their access to innovative sources of financing, including those earmarked for climate finance and social impact.



To tackle climate change, take on corruption

It’s no surprise that some of the sectors that are so central to taking on climate change are also notorious for their corruption risks. 



What you should know about the Green Public Procurement Report

Learn how green public procurement can be a powerful tool for government to achieve environmental and development policy objectives.



The role of subnational governments in combating climate change

Many countries have yet to engage their subnational governments in the fight against climate change. Mobilizing all levels of government is a vital tool for climate action. 



Resilient and inclusive public financial management systems enable governments to better respond to disasters

To understand how countries can better prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters, we identified 8 aspects in an assessment to help governments improve their capacity to manage disaster related risks and sustain PFM functions. 



Why central planning and finance agencies are well placed to respond to climate change

A recent World Bank stocktaking exercise showed that 96 out of 132 countries had an established ministry or agency to lead the climate change agenda.


Hurricane Eye

When hurricanes strike with calamity & inequality, it is time to apply the great equalizer: Gender Responsive Procurement

There’s not a one-size-fits-all formula to incorporate gender aspects in procurement in Caribbean countries. To effectively operationalize gender aspects, it is critical to understand different stages of the procurement process, both at the policy and country levels.


MENA climate action

Finance Ministries in MENA can take climate action to the next level

MENA ministries of finance should participate in global discussions on the roles that ministries, Central Banks, and other government institutions can do to mainstream climate change in their economies.

Saint Lucia BCP

Preparing for the unexpected: Saint Lucia’s business continuity planning for disasters

The Department of Finance of Saint Lucia, in conjunction with the World Bank, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR), and in partnership with the Canada-Caribbean Resilience Facility (CRF), has been working on improving its resilience to disasters. 


Watch the recording of the Green Public Procurement Event Launch! Translations and interpretations are available on the event page in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.
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