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Video February 15, 2022

Will the Pandemic Lead to a Financial Crisis? | World Bank Expert Answers

On this edition of Expert Answers, we’re examining the findings of the newly-released World Development Report. As governments around the globe wind down the extraordinary economic support measures enacted during the pandemic, the World Development Report highlights the risk of a global financial chain reaction. The threat of hidden risks – especially undeclared loans – are of particular concern as slowing growth, rising rates, and mounting debt underline the need for greater transparency, early detection, and swift action.


00:00 Introducing Carmen Reinhart, World Bank Group Chief Economist
00:54 Global economic crisis as a consequence of the pandemic
01:43 Financial chain reaction, interconnectedness, threats
03:32 Global risks
05:49 Private debt
07:34 Hidden risks
09:41 Inequality
11:04 Addressing global challenges
12:01 Thanks Carmen Reinhart for sharing your expertise!

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