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COP28/RewirED Summit Event | ClimateEd: Education for Climate Action

December 8, 2023
Online and in-person at COP28, Hall 4, Connect Conference Center
Education for Climate Action RewirED event banner

A recording of this event will be made available several days after it takes place.

Education is a powerful catalyst to climate action through widespread behavior change and skilling for green transitions. Education systems hold the key to producing improvements in foundational skills, develop the technologies to cut emissions, change behaviors and consumer preferences, and skilling for green transitions. Worldwide, education is the single strongest predictor of climate change awareness and higher levels of education are associated with pro-environmental behaviors, preferences for environmentally friendly policies, and stronger adaptive capacity. At the same time, climate change induced heat and extreme weather events are significantly disrupting student learning, and children and youth all over the world are experiencing climate anxiety and frustration. This precipitates the need for education systems to urgently adapt to climate change to prevent learning losses and other long-term impacts.

The session will discuss these topics by showcasing novel data and evidence on the bi-directional relationship between education and climate change through a series of short and impactful talks: from the climate change impacts on education outcomes to the power of education in galvanizing climate action through improved mindsets and behaviors, skills, and innovation.

The five thematic talks, each accompanied by novel data, will focus on:

  1. The role of education in climate action, 
  2. The learning cost of carbon, 
  3. Improving climate literacy by understanding climate beliefs and behaviors,
  4. Busting myths about green skills: surprising insights about green skills from different contexts (high, middle, and low-income), 
  5. Fostering green citizenship through education. 

These talks will leverage evidence, data, and actionable guidance produced by the World Bank on how to harness education investments for effective climate action.

Session Objectives:

  • Build the case for accelerating climate change adaptation within education systems.
  • Showcase scalable education solutions for climate change mitigation through widespread behavior change.
  • Present the catalytic role education can play in skilling for green transitions.