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Demystifying public cloud procurement

September 27, 2023
Cloud computing webinar procurement

The purpose of this seminar is to build awareness on options and approaches to procuring public cloud-based or cloud-enabled information systems in the public sector. The session will follow the procurement lifecycle from needs assessment to procurement options, to monitoring of spending and usage once cloud has been procured. The seminar will feature presenters from government institutions and academia with experience of cloud procurement, as well as the members of the public policy and public sector teams of Amazon Web Services (AWS).


  • What is cloud computing? Overview of key concepts: technology, business model.
  • Principles of cloud procurement: How it differs from other “IT” procurement.
  • Direct vs. indirect cloud procurement: Who bids for cloud computing contracts?
  • Scenarios and examples: Why cloud may be a better option than on-premise data centers/servers, and how cloud procurement would work in different scenarios.