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MIGA EVP Hiroshi Matano meets with members of the Japan Chapter

May 30, 2023
Tokyo, Japan

MIGA EVP Hiroshi Matano met with members of the Japan Chapter of the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank after a lapse of one year since his last meeting with MPs. The meeting was preceded by pull-aside meetings with the Honorable Takeaki Matsumoto, Chair of the Japan Chapter and Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications, who had to leave subsequently for the Cabinet meeting.

At the outset, MPs expressed condolences for the late Honorable Seigo Kitamura, MP (Lower House), who had served as the Deputy Chair of the Japan Chapter over many years. Discussions with MIGA EVP focused on the Evolution Roadmap of the World Bank Group, Ukraine (including the role of the private sector), debt, and recruitment/promotion of Japanese staff within the World Bank Group. Secretary-General Kiyoshi Odawara (MP, Lower House) moderated the meeting, which was attended by a total of 15 MPs.