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Trade and Global Value Chains in Times of Insecurity

April 28-29, 2023
Kuala Lumpur

The World Bank and the Asia School of Business are organizing a workshop to explore recent developments in international trade and cross-border economic activity. How are recent exogenous shocks and policy choices in major trading partners affecting global patterns of trade and GVCs? How are firms striking a balance between efficiency and resilience? What is the impact on developing countries? What are the implications for their trade and investment policies? What forms of international cooperation are desirable and feasible? We invite submissions of empirical and theoretical contributions that analyze the above and related questions. Papers relevant to the East Asia and Pacific region are particularly welcome.

Keynote Speakers

Amit Khandelwal (Yale University)

Scientific and Organizing Committee

Ozer Karagedikli, Shafaat Yar Khan, Aaditya Mattoo, Daria Taglioni

Secretariat of the Conference

Anna Goodman, Stella Ambrose, Reka Palianiappan

Submissions and questions for the secretariat should be directed to


The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 15 March 2023 (by midnight in the EDT time zone). Papers should be sent to The e-mail should contain i) the name, title and affiliated organization/institution of the main author and potential presenter, ii) the names of the co-authors, iii) an abstract of the paper and iv) the full paper as an attachment.

Only papers submitted by the deadline will be considered. Notification of acceptance will be given by Wednesday 29 March 2023 EDT. Please note that in-person presentation of the accepted papers is strongly preferred. Travel and accommodation costs for the presenter of each accepted contribution will be covered. Details will be circulated after notification of acceptance.


If you would like to participate in this event as an attendee (i.e. not as a speaker), please register your interest. Further details will be provided closer to the date of the event.

Note that due to unforeseen circumstances the dates for this conference have been moved from April 28-29, 2023 to May 2-3, 2023. 


  • DATE: May 2-3, 2023
  • LOCATION: Asia School of Business, Kuala Lumpur