Development Research Group in Kuala Lumpur

September 1, 2016


Strategic Overview

The World Bank’s Development Research Group (DECRG) envisions the World Bank Group Global Knowledge and Research Hub in Malaysia as a regional center of excellence for research on key areas of economic development. Towards this aim, DECRG in Kuala Lumpur conducts and disseminates research, and undertakes activities to promote a community of researchers in the region.

DECRG conducts original research spanning economic growth and risk management to program evaluation and the implementation of key public services. Becoming a regional research center requires deep and fluid interactions with at least three communities:

  1. Local experts in government, academic institutions, and the World Bank Global Practices at the Hub
  2. Researchers at the World Bank in Washington and especially in the Development Research Group
  3. The global research community in major universities and think-tanks, with some emphasis on institutions in neighboring countries

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About us

The Development Research Group team in Kuala Lumpur is made up of the following staff:

Lead Economist: Norman Loayza


Lay Lian Chuah

Sharmila Devadas

Young Eun Kim

Fabian Mendez Ramos