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Bridging the gap: Using SWIFT to rapidly monitor poverty and welfare in a time of crises

November 16, 2022
Online and Washington, DC │ 10:00-11:30 AM EST
Women in a cooperative in Niger. Photo: © Stephan Gladieu / World Bank

Photo: © Stephan Gladieu / World Bank

The Survey of Well-being via Instant and Frequent Tracking (SWIFT) is a rapid poverty assessment tool that can produce accurate household data at dramatically lower costs. SWIFT is now used not only to monitor poverty but also to design policies and increase awareness of the impact of poverty reduction programs. As poverty reduction stalls around the world, SWIFT is a powerful tool to accelerate the pace of poverty alleviation. 

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This session will introduce participants to the SWIFT methodology and showcase how its use in over 50 lending operations and projects to:

  • Enable even low-income countries and fragile states to monitor poverty annually or even quarterly
  • Devise novel solutions to accelerate poverty reduction
  • Increase the awareness of policymakers, development partners, and civil society on the impact of their policies and programs on poverty reduction

The SWIFT program is generously supported by the Office of Executive Director for Japan and the Poverty & Equity GP. 

Learn more about the SWIFT Methodology here.