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PNoWB Japan General Assembly

January 20, 2022


  • PNoWB Japan members appointed The Honorable Takeaki MATSUMOTO as its new Chair, given that The Honorable Asahiko MIHARA, the previous Chair, stepped down at the meeting. This was followed by interactive discussions with a team of 10 WBG senior staff (1/) who joined the meeting virtually from the Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Finally, members were briefed by MOF about Japan’s contribution to IDA20. The meeting was moderated by The Honorable Kiyoshi ODAWARA, who is serving as the Secretary-General of PNoWB Japan.

    1/ The following is listed according to the speaking order at the meeting.

    • Sheila Redzepi, World Bank Vice President (External and Corporate Relations)
    • Akihiko Nishio, World Bank Vice President (Development Finance)
    • Annette Dixon, World Bank Vice President (Human Resources)
    • Manuela Ferro, World Bank Vice President (East Asia and Pacific)
    • Mamta Murthi, World Bank Vice President (Human Development)
    • Juergen Voegele, World Bank Vice President (Sustainable Development)
    • Elena Bourganskaia, IFC Vice President (Corporate Support)
    • Emmanuel Nyirinkindi, IFC Vice President (Cross-Cutting Solutions),
    • Hiroshi Matano, MIGA Executive Vice President
    • Takashi Miyahara, Executive Director for Japan