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Finding Fraud

February 4, 2021



VIDEO Feb 04, 2021

Finding Fraud Event Replay

  • According to the United Nations every year an estimated US$1 trillion is paid in bribes and US$2.6 trillion stolen through corruption. Together, this sum represents five (5) percent of annual global GDP. Further, in developing countries, funds lost to corruption are estimated to be 10 times the amount of overall Official Development Assistance. The inverse link between corruption and successful development outcomes has been well established: corruption deters investment and impedes economic growth, exacerbates income inequality, increases the cost of government services, lowers trust in government and increases political instability.

    This BBL will present the most promising current and new technologies that can be applied to detect and prevent fraud and corruption in public administration, with a focus on procurement, integrated financial management information systems (IFMIS) and human resource (HR) systems. The BBL will addresses the important related “analog” (non-technical) legal, policy and political requirements for the success of digital anti-fraud measures.


    • The advantages of digital fraud detection, e-Government tools and e-Services are closely related to improved outcomes in government effectiveness and perceptions of corruption.
    • There are significant opportunities for and benefits from using digital tools to tackle fraud and corruption in the public sector, benefits that extend beyond just detecting corruption.
    • Technology is most effective when it is paired with traditional fraud detection and prevention methods and integrated with “analog” components of reform.
  • Ed Olowo-Okere

    Global Director, Governance, The World Bank

    Opening Remarks

    Tracey Lane

    Practice Manager, Governance, The World Bank


    Hunt La Cascia

    Senior Procurement Specialist, Governance, The World Bank


    Izzah Akram Malik

    Public Sector Specialist, Governance, The World Bank


    Irina Shmeliova

    Senior Operations Officer, Governance, The World Bank

    Donna Louise Andrews

    Senior Public Sector Specialist, Governance, The World Bank