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South Asia Women in the Workforce Week

March 8-13, 2020

South Asia

Women in South Asia continue to be left out of the region’s economic successes. While South Asia is the fastest growing regions in the world, the female labor force participation rate is only 23.6% versus 80% for men.

There are several barriers that stop women from fully participating at work – including low levels of girls’ education, adverse gender norms that limit women’s mobility, Gender-based Violence, and unpaid care work and domestic duties that render women’s labor invisible.

At the World Bank, we are committed to supporting economic empowerment of women and girls in South Asia through the length and breadth of its projects and initiatives. To celebrate this International Women’s Day, we have convened the ‘South Asia Women in the Workforce Week’ from March 8th to 13th to address the challenges as well as the successes of South Asian women joining the workforce.

The World Bank invites key stakeholders, including the South Asian governments, private sector and civil society to join us in adressing the critical issues that affect women’s economic lives in South Asia and advocate for more women to get into better quality jobs that enhance their participation, independence and dignity.

Come, learn, discuss, engage and raise awareness to build a better, equal and a balanced future of our economies in South Asia. #EqualAtWork!