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February 5, 2014

As a member state of the EU, the Government of Romania is committed to fighting climate change and pursuing a low carbon green growth. Good understanding of the climate change impacts and the opportunities for win-win and integration of both mitigation and adaptation actions into national policies, programs, and strategies will be a critical step in shifting its development path towards a climate resilient, low carbon and green economy in Romania.

There are a growing number of professionals in Romania who are involved in the area of climate change.  The World Bank and the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, through the Romania Climate Change Technical Advisory program, are sponsoring the Romania Climate Change (RO CC) e-discussion group.  The RO CC e-discussion group is an online forum for professionals interested in and/or working on climate change-related issues in Romania to share knowledge and experiences aimed at mainstreaming and advancing CC concerns in development policies, programs, and plans.

The RO CC e-discussion group is a freely accessible communication tool that follows the principles of free speech and supports individual responsibility for messages sent by subscribers. Counting about 250 subscribers to date, it is made up of individuals from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We ask all subscribers to be considerate and respectful of others when participating in discussions. 

Messages sent to the group mailing list should be related to climate change issues in Romania. Commercial, advertising, or bulk mail communication should not be distributed through the mailing list. To prevent unwanted emails and commercial ads from being sent to its subscribers, the mailing list is moderated. Please see the Quick Reference section below on how to join the mailing list, post messages or leave the group.

Please join us on this platform to enjoy the services of information sharing and open discussion on climate change issues in Romania provided by the e-discussion group.


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