Lebanon Economic Monitor

Lebanon Economic Monitor, Spring 2023

The Lebanon Economic Monitor (LEM) provides an update on key economic developments and policies over a six months period. It also presents findings from recent World Bank work on Lebanon. It places them in a longer-term and global context, and assesses the implications of these developments and other changes in policy for the outlook for the country. Scroll down to read the most recent issue as well as all past issues in the series.

The Fall 2023 issue of the LEM titled "In the Grip of a New Crisis” provides an update on key economic developments and analyzes their implications for the country’s outlook. The Special Focus section titled “The Impact of the Conflict in the Middle East on the Lebanese Economy,” assesses the impact of the current conflict and its spillover on Lebanon’s economy and its growth prospects amid a prolonged political and institutional vacuum.

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2023